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Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. has touched almost every industry during our 60 years of business. We thank our customers for their loyal support and their continued willingness to communicate their needs and concerns. Many of our machine options and developments came about in direct response to customers' requests to help them package their products more efficiently.

By combining today's new shrink film technologies with the proven and repeatable characteristics of Belco's packaging equipment, customers can count on producing consistently great looking packages.

While the proper machine can only be chosen based on the customer's specific application and requirements, what follows is a general guide that highlights some of Belco's most popular offerings in each category.

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Working closely with the Medical Device Community for over 35 years has allowed Belco engineers to develop Clean-room proven Tray and Pouch Sealers that are simple to calibrate and easy to validate.


Proven components produce the highest levels of process control at even the closest tolerances and give you the performance, reliability and accuracy you can count on. Four models of Tray Sealers are available, Standard, Eye Level with digital controls, PLC controls for increased packaging flexibility and options and our PC controls package for the ultimate level of process control. Choose Data Acquisition, Bar Code reading, Vision, automation and a fully alarmed system to assist in your packaging needs.

The Belco Pouch Sealers come in 3 models and offer Clean Room performance similar to the Tray sealers.


For applications calling for Heat Curing or Annealing of materials such as Silicone, Adhesives and other Components found in Devices, the Belco tunnels featuring our Smart Tunnel Control System can improve quality, repeatability, production performance and overall heat soak  distribution to the part.

Food & Bakery
Food & Bakery

For 60 years, Belco machines have been used by the food and bakery industries to directly over-wrap a variety of products such as meat patties, seafood, pizzas, sandwiches, muffins, candies, cookies, fruits and vegetables. In many cases, Belco machines are used to enhance the graphics of the outer package with shrink film while simultaneously providing excellent tamper evidence.

Belco Sealers can be built in all stainless steel construction or with an FDA approved, powder coat white paint finish using stainless steel food contact surfaces and FDA approved belts. Belco’s proven impulse wire or hot knife sealing technology is known for creating strong, clean seals and requiring a minimum amount of machine maintenance.

Belco Shrink Tunnels are commonly found behind hi-speed automatic machines, in shrink band applications for tamper evident packaging and in harsh environments where stainless steel construction is required. A selection of shrink tunnel sizes and speed ranges is available to guarantee the perfect match for your product and production requirements.

For specialty products, Belco's MAXX-5 Bag Top Sealer/Labeler is ideal for creating an appealing point of purchase package. Printed labels requiring no adhesive coating and filled polypropylene bags can be sealed at speeds of 25 - 28 packages per minute.

Belco Rotary Tables and 180° Conveyors provide end of line accumulation. They are available in several sizes and styles including painted, stainless steel and wash down stainless steel construction.

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Printing and Bindery
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Nearly 60 years ago, Belco created the Model STC (L-Sealer/Tunnel Combination) as an efficient, compact and sturdy shrink packaging machine for the commercial printing and bindery industry.

With two machine sizes to choose from, a single plug-in power supply, heavy duty tubular steel construction, locking casters and leveling pads, these STC machines are built to be easily moved from job site to site and stand up to the rigors of a 3-shift operation. Standard features and options allow for manual to semi-automatic operation. Product sizes that can be wrapped range from business cards to stacks of legal size documents, tri-folds, small posters and specialty print jobs.

For faster speed operations, the Belco ALS Automatic L-Sealer or FEN Side Seal Wrapper combined with a Belco ST Shrink Tunnel offer the most compact footprint for integration into any production line.

When the lowest cost per package along with hi-speed production is required, the Belco Merlin F/F/S Wrapper can accommodate long run jobs. Servo controls, a color touch screen HMI and up to 99 saved menus allow for fast and repeatable setups. A variety of infeeds can accommodate hand feeding or offer easy integration with other equipment.

Printing & Bindery

Belco understands the particular needs and demands of the Pharmaceutical Industry when it comes to verification and validation of the packaging process.

Hot knife sealing technology provides exact digital control of the sealing temperature while Belco's welded steel construction of the seal arm ensures even and repeatable pressure for strong, clean seals.

Belco Shrink Tunnels provide accurate temperature, even air flow and several conveyor choices to move your product through the heat chamber. Over/Under Temperature Alarms, Digital Conveyor Speed Control, recipes for multiple product setups, variable air flow settings and a touch screen HMI are some of the features included with the optional Smart Tunnel control package. The Lighted Viewing Window option allows for fast and easy setups, constant monitoring of the shrink process and immediate feedback to QC to ensure and maintain only the highest levels of package presentation.

For faster speed operations or when automation is required, Belco offers the ALS Automatic L-Sealer, the FEN Side Sealer and the Servo Merlin F/F/S machines.

Belco BLS Turntables and Custom Accumulators are popular choices for end of line product accumulation. These machines are available in several sizes and custom styles, including construction in painted steel, stainless steel or wash-down stainless steel.

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Health & Beauty
Health & Beauty
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When the outer packaging needs to be as appealing as the product being wrapped, Belco equipment will exceed your expectations. With 60 years of experience dealing with unique packaging and innovative products, Belco has the equipment to meet your production requirements and the experience to create the package your marketing department demands.

The ILS Hot Knife L-Sealer and the ST Recirculating Air Shrink Tunnel provide the absolute best control of the shrink packaging process, which is necessary when a perfect package is required. Choose the air-operated sealing function along with the powered film unwind and inverting head options to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

The STC Hot Knife L-Sealer and Tunnel Combination has proven to be a popular choice for many companies looking for a compact machine to fit within their work environment or when an end of line multi-packer is needed.

Both systems can be ordered with the Belco Lighted Viewing Window - an actual window built into the tunnel side wall that allows you to view and inspect your product throughout the entire shrink process.


The automotive aftermarket industry has come to rely on Belco manufactured

L-Sealers and Shrink Tunnels to help shrink wrap the diverse variety of products found on retailers' shelves. Some products require protective packaging, such as a brake pad kit with its hundreds of configurations and sharp protrusions. Other products call for retail level packaging like floor mats or gasket kits. In all cases, Belco has a semi-automatic or an automatic L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel that will meet your specifications.

Match your largest product to be wrapped to the appropriately sized Belco Sealer and Shrink Tunnel and then choose the level of automation desired. The Belco ILS line of Semi-Automatic L-Sealers can produce 15 - 18 packages per minute. Step up to the Belco ALS Automatic L-Sealer system for speeds up to 30 ppm.

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Home Improvement
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With the advent of Do-It-Yourself home repair stores and the multitude of product choices offered side by side to the shopper, manufacturers found that offering their product as a retail level package rather than the traditional protective or bulk packaging presentation helped steer consumers to their more attractive package.

Product formerly hidden within boxes or protective cartons can now be handled and easily seen thanks to the superior optics and improved puncture and scuff resistance of these tougher, retail level films.

Belco Sealers and Tunnels offer standard sizes and features to package a wide range of items, including: specialty tiles, coils of irrigation tubing, replacement parts and kits, shelving and picture frames, tools, paint rollers and trays, pipe fittings and light bulbs. Belco can customize this equipment to package much larger, heavier, longer and difficult to handle items such as shower doors, aluminum and wood trim, decorative molding, windows, mirrors and bulky flower boxes.

For products where a point of purchase or hanger display package is required, the Belco BM series of Blister Sealing equipment combines graphics with a clear protective blister to showcase your product. Common items found in this type of packaging are plumbing repair kits, tools, electrical fittings and terminals, hardware and batteries.

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Consumer Electronics

Belco manufactures a wide selection of packaging machines to meet the production needs and speeds required in the vast market of consumer electronics.

The Belco BM series of Blister Sealing equipment is ideal for packaging products that require a hanger hole and card for retail sales. Cables, hardware, devices and accessories are common examples.

Tamper evident shrink packaging for games, electronics, aftermarket devices and software can be handled at speeds ranging from 12-15 packages per minute up to 100 packages per minute depending on which Belco sealer is needed: the Belco Model ALS Automatic L-Sealer, the FEN Side Seal Wrapper or the Merlin Hi-Speed Shrink Wrapper.

Belco Recirculating Air Shrink Tunnels are of particular interest to manufacturers with delicate items and components because they are built to offer precise, even and consistent air flow at the lowest temperatures. Packages are quickly and cleanly shrink wrapped without undue heat to affect the contents of your package; all to create the best retail level packaging possible.

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Consumer Electronics

Belco has a long history of supplying contract packagers and non-profit agencies with robust, cost-effective and versatile equipment that reliably, safely and efficiently packages each day's orders.

Because shrink packaging is so versatile and easy to use, operators can be quickly trained to produce quality packages at production speeds. Shrink quality across multiple shifts using several machine lines or operators is maintained because Belco machines require a minimum amount of maintenance with no additional operator adjustments once the process parameters have been identified.

Operation Managers value the Belco STC Sealer/Tunnel Combination machines because of their compact size. The heavy duty tubular steel construction of this machine lends itself to be easily moved from job site to site. The single power cord, heavy duty locking casters, tool-free set up ability and repeatable shrink performance make this model our most popular machine.

For faster packaging requirements, Belco's ALS line of Automatic L-Sealers and ST Shrink Tunnels work together as a compact, stand-alone packaging line or as part of an integrated system.

Industrial / Consumer

Wherever you go, it is impossible not to notice that every store shelf has several manufacturers' brands vying for your attention. This is the goal of packaging: to make every product as appealing as possible to the consumer.

Belco recognized long ago that it was easy to get consistently great looking packages if particular attention was paid to the construction and components used in our equipment. We made the commitment to build a quality machine so your operators could simply focus on their job: the packaging of your product.

Determined to be the best, Belco developed a Shrink Tunnel that is an acknowledged Industry leader. Several OEM's private label Belco Shrink Tunnels and sell them as part of their shrink lines. Used in many diverse applications where total control of the shrink process is demanded, our secret is precise, regulated air flow that allows tunnels to operate at much lower temperatures than previous, competitive machines.

To complement the Belco Shrink Tunnel, our Semi-Automatic and Automatic

L-Sealers provide the ability to package individual products or easily handle

multi-pack applications.

The Belco STC Combination Sealer and Tunnel is the perfect start-up system. When fitted with labor saving features for faster operation, it becomes the production workhorse thousands of companies rely on today.

For larger products, Belco L-Sealers and Shrink Tunnels are available in many standard or custom sizes to package a wide variety of items such as knock-down storage boxes, rolls of gift wrap, picture frames, rugs and mats, hospital admission kits, crutches, snowboards and boogie boards.

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Industrial / Consumer
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