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Seal Fixtures

Perfection is the Only Option

Belco seal fixtures are custom engineered and machined as precision tools to package your medical device components.  They are used to heat seal your thermoformed trays with a Tyvek, laminate or foil lid.


We perform a comprehensive review of your package materials submitted for heat-sealing.

We include sealed tray product ejectors.

We discover initial seal parameters as a starting point for your design-of-experiments work

We provide documentation of the Seal Fixture to keep you ISO-11607 compliant

We have a full maintenance program for the life of the Seal Fixture.

We guarantee the seals.

You receive the Seal Fixture and go straight into seal studies.

Custom Made Seal Fixtures for Any Project

Standard Features:

- Constructed using Mic-6 aluminum tooling plate

- Support runners prohibit fixture deflection during sealing

- All machined aluminum materials are anodized

- Precision molded, press fit silicone rubber seal gaskets support your tray flanges

- PEEK retracting spring pins register your lid stock to the thermoformed tray

- Positioning hardware locates the seal fixture within the shuttle drawer

- Manual product ejector system to lift sealed trays out of the seal fixture

- Identification of each cavity is machined into the tool

- Seals are tested for quality on your machine or on our test sealer before shipping

Optional Items:

- Your specific part number can be machined into the Seal Fixture

- Serialized duplication of legacy Belco seal fixtures

- Molded press fit gaskets are available color coded by shore

- Die cut silicone rubber seal gaskets ship with their steel rule cutting die

- Spot seals within the tray perimeter prevent shifting of product during distribution

- Mating top tool platen protector

- Family Tray Layout Design for sealing Inner and Outer Trays

- Modular Seal Fixture design to reduce overall tool weight

- Spare Teflon ceramic coated platen protector

- Spare PEEK retracting spring pins

- Heat sensitive TIPI paper, pack of 25 sheets to verify seal quality

- Belco Factory Training and Seal Fixture Acceptance Program

How To Order

We design and build custom seal fixtures using your provided specifications.

To proceed with an order we require;

  1. The package lid specification dimensions including the die-cut tolerance

  2. The Thermoform Tray drawing

  3. A 3-D model file preferably in .STEP format.

We require enough production trays and lids to run 20 cycles.

  • For example, a three cavity format requires 60 trays and lids.


We can proceed with the design and build of your order in a few different ways;

  • Preferred design and manufacture: trays and lids will be provided before the Seal Fixture design begins

  • At-Risk design and manufacture: trays and lids will be provided after design and manufacturing, for use in final testing

  • At-Risk design and manufacture: trays and lids will not be provided

  • Reverse engineering of your trays may be available at an additional charge and an extended lead time

At the completion of the build, we do the discovery and documentation of the initial seal parameters for Time, Temperature and Pressure for your sealed trays.  This becomes the starting point for your PQ work.  One full cycle of your factory sealed tray samples, using your seal fixture and materials, is provided and shipped with the seal fixture.  This sets the standard for the seal quality you should immediately expect at your facility.  Any unused trays and lids are returned with the seal fixture.

Fremont Plastics Seal Fixture 001.png
Need A Seal Fixture?


8 weeks after receipt of your order with deposit, package samples and returned approval of your sign-off documents.


NOTICE - Lead time subject to delay if the requested tray .STEP files are not provided.


All Belco Seal Fixtures will produce seals with a visually obvious transfer of adhesive peel from lid to tray per ASTM F-1886 (Standard Test Method for Determining Integrity of Seals for Flexible Packaging by Visual Inspection).

Learn More About:

Download the Belco Medical Sealer Brochure

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