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Warranty Information

All Belco equipment is built to exacting standards with the finest materials. Rugged and durable, the frame is guaranteed for five years. The motors and electrical components are UL listed and have passed precise measurement tests and are guaranteed for one year. The overall performance of your Belco machine is guaranteed for one year. Extended warranty, preventative maintenance and spare parts kits are available. Belco inventories components and parts for machines sold. 
Warranty Coverage
Motor: 1 Year
Electrical Components: 1 Year
Controllers: 1 Year
Frame: 5 Years

Warranty to Purchaser / End User 

Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. (Belco) warranties its equipment and parts supplied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Parts are warranted for one year and machine frames for (5) five years from date of shipment from the Belco manufacturing facility located in Monrovia, California. 

If any machine, component or part is proven defective within the above specified time periods, such items will be repaired or replaced at Belco’s option. Belco and its authorized representatives’ warranty obligations are limited to such repair or replacement. 

This warranty does not apply to equipment or parts which have been subjected to improper operation or improper maintenance. The equipment must be operated under normal and proper usage while owned by the original purchaser from Belco or Belco’s authorized representative. The equipment must be operated in accordance with Belco’s instructions, and further, that no repairs, alterations or replacements have been performed by any unauthorized personnel without Belco’s specified written approval. This warranty also excludes equipment or parts which have been subjected to abuse, negligence, accident, incorrect supply utilities (electrical or air) or damage caused by circumstances beyond Belco’s control. 

Wear Item 
Several parts fall in the Wear Items category and, as such, are not covered in the one-year parts warranty period. These include, but are not limited to, items listed in the spare parts section of your owners manual. 

Initiating a Warranty Claim 
To initiate a warranty claim, simply contact Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. If feasible, we will troubleshoot the problem over the phone for immediate resolution. When necessary, an authorized service technician will respond to your facility’s location in a timely manner to make the necessary repair(s). Only Belco’s factory approved service technicians are authorized to make warranty repairs. Any other labor incurred in removing or installing defective parts is not covered by this warranty. Belco or its authorized representative will either examine the products at your site, or issue shipping instructions for return to Belco’s factory (please see Returns Freight Policy below). 

Returned Materials Authorization 
Should it become necessary for you to return a part or component to Belco, you must contact Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. at (800) 833-1833 or (626) 357-9566 x118 to receive a “Returned Materials Authorization” (RMA) number. 

Belco will issue an RMA approval and number for the following warranty reasons: 

•    Part or component failed to work upon installation
•    Defective part or component
•    Incorrect product was shipped

After Belco receives the product, it will be examined and the scope of the problem determined. The Belco policy is to repair or replace (at Belco’s option) defective products. After examination, you will be immediately notified. 

Any parts or components that Belco determines are not defective because of faulty workmanship or materials shall be held at Belco pending customer’s instructions. 

Returned Materials Freight Policy 
The Belco policy is that the customer pays for the freight/shipping charges to return the parts or components to the Belco factory located in Monrovia, CA. If the product is defective due to manufacturing issues, Belco will repair or replace the product and pay the normal (non-rush) shipping costs back to our customers. In addition, Belco will also credit the customer’s account for the shipping cost incurred by the customer for shipping the part or component back to Belco. 

Shipping Damage 
If the product was damaged during shipment, follow normal procedures as per the freight company’s guidelines. 

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