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About Us

Belco was founded in 1959 as a precision machine shop and has since become the premier manufacturer of Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers on the West Coast. With a worldwide reputation for high quality systems, Belco machines are built to last and are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.


Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. manufactures and sells a broad range of shrink packaging and heat sealing equipment including semi-automatic and automatic L-sealers, medium speed side sealers, high speed F/F/S wrappers, shrink tunnels, sealer-tunnel combinations, industrial blister sealers, bag top sealers, custom conveyors and accumulating turntables. Belco machines are available in a variety of models to package a wide range of product sizes and shapes at speeds up to 120 ppm. Digital, PLC and PC controls allow you to choose the best operating system for your needs.


For the Medical Device Industry, Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. also designs and manufactures constant heat medical tray and pouch sealers, hot knife shrink packaging machinery and custom heat curing and annealing tunnels. Digital, PLC and PC controlled sealers and tunnels offer increased levels of process control - all easy to validate. CE Certification, RFID recognition technology, bar code reading capability and other standard and custom options are available.

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