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BLS 360 - Lazy Susan.jpg

Rotary Tables

These end-of-line turntables come in several sizes and have helped companies collect product that is usually difficult to convey by traditional means.

Products range from paper cups and plates, Nerf footballs, round items like fruits and vegetables, bath salts, packaged bags from F/F/S wrappers and other soft-sided packages that benefit from the 5” high tub wall.

BLS 600 Stainless Steel with Variable Sp

Accumulation Tables

When product orientation is necessary and end-of-line space is limited, these Rotary Accumulators can accept bottles, jars, jugs and other shapes without toppling over. The variable speed control of the table can match your line speed and gently move product toward the center of the table, making room for more unrestricted product flow.

180 Curved Conveyor with 5' Return.jpg


Make any stand-alone machine operation a system simply by adding a 180 degree conveyor to bring product back to your operator. Whether you run a shrink packaging line, a carton sealer or need extra accumulation efficiency, this compact conveyor is the solution.  Available as a right and left hand return.

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