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STC Impulse Wire

Sealer / Tunnel Combination

The Belco STC is an excellent value for a complete shrink packaging system with an L-Sealer and Fan Style Shrink Tunnel built onto one compact frame. This system delivers all the packaging performance you would expect from separate components.


The welded box construction of the seal head prevents any flexing or misalignment to the sealing base during the constant, daily use of the machine. This unique construction contributes to consistently strong seals, long element wire life and years of trouble free performance.

The Fan Style Shrink Tunnel features a micro-processor based digital temperature control, adjustable speed fan controls for top and bottom air flow and a variable speed conveyor to give you the ability to perfectly shrink your products.


Multiple shift operation and years of trouble free production can be expected from these machines.


Available in two popular sizes with all the standard options, these machines can easily handle production speeds up to 20 packages per minute or more depending on your package size and shape.

Available Models

STC2016      STC2520

Standard Features:

- Welded Tubular Steel Frame

- Impulse and Constant Heat Sealing

- Sealing Wire Sensor to Prevent Overheating

- Adjustable Tilt Table/Conveyor

- Digital Tunnel Temperature Control

- Adjustable Fan Speed Controls

- Variable Speed Tunnel Conveyor

- Lighted Viewing Window (STC 2520)

- Heavy Duty Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

Optional Features:

- Multiple Tunnel Conveyor Choices

- Magna-Lock Sealing System

- Air Operated Sealing System

- Product Take-Away Conveyor

- Powered Film Unwind

- Inverting Heads

- Multi-perforator Hole Punches

- Lighted Viewing Window (STC2016)

- 240/480 Volt 3 Phase Power

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Download the Belco Industrial Brochure

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