STC Impulse Wire

Sealer / Tunnel Combination

The Belco STC is an excellent value for a complete shrink packaging system with an L-Sealer and Fan Style Shrink Tunnel built onto one compact frame. This system delivers all the packaging performance you would expect from separate components.


The welded box construction of the seal head prevents any flexing or misalignment to the sealing base during the constant, daily use of the machine. This unique construction contributes to consistently strong seals, long element wire life and years of trouble free performance.

The Fan Style Shrink Tunnel features a micro-processor based digital temperature control, adjustable speed fan controls for top and bottom air flow and a variable speed conveyor to give you the ability to perfectly shrink your products.


Multiple shift operation and years of trouble free production can be expected from these machines.


Available in two popular sizes with all the standard options, these machines can easily handle production speeds up to 20 packages per minute or more depending on your package size and shape.

Available Models

STC2016      STC2520

Standard Features:

- Welded Tubular Steel Frame

- Impulse and Constant Heat Sealing

- Sealing Wire Sensor to Prevent Overheating

- Adjustable Tilt Table/Conveyor

- Digital Tunnel Temperature Control

- Adjustable Fan Speed Controls

- Variable Speed Tunnel Conveyor

- Lighted Viewing Window (STC 2520)

- Heavy Duty Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

Optional Features:

- Multiple Tunnel Conveyor Choices

- Magna-Lock Sealing System

- Air Operated Sealing System

- Product Take-Away Conveyor

- Powered Film Unwind

- Inverting Heads

- Multi-perforator Hole Punches

- Lighted Viewing Window (STC2016)

- 240/480 Volt 3 Phase Power

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Features & Options

Popular Optional Configurations

Power Film Unwind

This motorized film cradle feeds film to the operator upon demand as the package is advanced into the seal area. Regardless of how fast the operator or how long or small the product size, this option can maximize production speeds while minimizing operator fatigue.

Adjustable Film Inverting Head

By Turning film inside out in a 90 degree manner, an in-line packaging operation can be created to significantly increase production flow, lessen product handling and increase operator efficiencies.

Hole Punches

Air evacuation devices allow excess air to escape the bag during the shrink process. Several styles are available to best fit your machine and application; Pin Wheel, Thermal, Air and Multi-Perforator

Custom Color

Belco can custom powder coat paint your machine to match your company colors or production floor requirements. Just supply your RAL paint specification along with your request for machine quote.

Magna-Lock Sealing Arm Systems

(For semi-automatic operation, choose either the Magna-Lock or Air-Operated Seal Arm with the optional Product Take-Away Conveyor.) Powerful magnets hold down the seal arm to provide semi-automatic operation and even seal pressure along the entire seal base. The adjustable timer provides the correct dwell time necessary to ensure consistent, strong, quality seals. This level of automation reduces operator fatigue while increasing production speeds.

Air-Operated Seal Arm

(For semi-automatic operation, choose either the Magna-Lock or Air-Operated Seal Arm with the optional Product Take-Away Conveyor.) This seal arm control system uses your facility’s air pressure to create repeatable, strong seals every cycle. Belco incorporates dual Opto-Touch (zero force) start switches which are ergonomically designed to eliminate hand, wrist and arm stress for your operator. The results are increased efficiencies and greater output at the end of each shift for your packaging operation.

Product Take-Away Conveyor

Once the seal is complete, the arm raises and the product is transferred out of the sealing area. An adjustable timer controls how long the conveyor moves the product, either all the way out of the seal area, or just far enough to make the next package.

Stainless Steel Construction

The Belco line-up of equipment is also offered in stainless steel construction for use in Pharmaceutical, Food, Meat, Fish and Poultry processing environments. They comply with FDA and USDA requirements for packaging your product. These are wipe-down rated machines and not designed for washdown cleaning.

Teflon Mesh Conveyor Belt

This durable, non-stick belt is ideal for very small or light weight packages and multi-packs. The design of the mesh belt allows even air flow to all surfaces of your package and is essential when your product must be transported smoothly through the tunnel. Standard mesh opening is ¼” square mesh and for polyethylene applications, use the 1/16” square mesh when needed.

Falcon Belt

This glass filled nylon, open style heavy duty rated belt is excellent for conveying very heavy products, shrinking polyethylene wrapped products or when the minimum maintenance possible is required.

Rod Conveyor

3/8” diameter silicone rubber covered steel rollers transport your product through the heat chamber. As the rollers turn, your product continually moves over the rollers so there is never any imprint or mark on the bottom of your package. Standard roller spacing is on 1-1/2” centers and Hi-density roller spacing is on 1” centers.

Lighted Viewing Window

A tempered glass window on the operator’s side of the tunnel chamber allows for faster set up and easy adjustment of controls to enhance packaging quality and productivity. Because you can observe the conditions required for a proper shrink, you can quickly adjust the temperature, conveyor speed, air flow and even air evacuation. This option has proven invaluable for customers who shrink wrap a variety of package sizes and shapes.


Main Power Switch

Turns On/Off the power to the entire machine. Maintains all previously set sealing parameters and tunnel adjustments to ensure rapid start up and consistent quality packages at the beginning of your next shift.

Constant and Impulse Heat Sealing

This switch allows the operator to choose between constant hot wire sealing or impulse heat sealing where the wire only gets hot when the seal arm is cycled.

Impulse Time

This time control monitors how long the element wire gets hot.

Seal Wire Heat Adjust

Includes "constant" and "impulse" heat sealing. This control determines how hot the seal wire will get, allowing for maximum production speeds.

Sealing Wire Sensor

This unique switch prevents the sealing wire from overheating during the seal cycle. By sensing the correct seal wire temperature, fast, clean seals are obtained. You can expect longer seal wire life and reduced wear and tear to the sealing head assembly with this proven Belco system.

Film Cradle

This heavy duty film cradle has adjustable side guides to position the film for each package width. A film unwind brake prevents overfeeding of film during the packaging operation. No tools required.

lnfeed Tray

For standard feeding of product, an aluminum infeed tray with film opening horn is provided.

Seal Arm Guards

These guards clamp the film in an even and positive manner to reduce film tension and ensure quality seals during the sealing process.

Quick Change Bottom Teflon Clamps

Magnetic clamps allow your operator to quickly change and maintain the bottom seal sponge and Teflon. In addition, it allows for flipping and reversing both of these normal wear items to prolong their life and lower your operating costs.

Adjustable Tilt Table/Conveyor

The product sealing table or optional take-away conveyor can be raised, lowered or tilted to allow smooth transfer of your product out of the seal area.

Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

Move your Belco STC to wherever the job is or level it and leave it in your production line. The choice is yours.

Welded Frame

Belco STC's are built to last. You can depend on years of trouble-free production. All Belco combination machines start with the same premise, a heavy wall tubular steel welded frame. Solid. . . nothing to loosen. . . nothing to become misaligned and cause unnecessary wear and downtime.

Heater Switch

This switch allows the heaters to be shut off at the end of your production run without having to change temperature settings. This expedites start up and assures quality control. In addition, it facilitates machine “cool down" by allowing the tunnel fans and conveyor to run before you turn off the power switch. This extends machine component life and minimizes down time.

Variable Speed Conveyor Control

Allows you to adjust the conveyor speed to obtain the best quality “shrink" for your products regardless of their size or shape. To further enhance your productivity, you can adjust the tunnel speed to match your production line speeds and prevent shingling or separation of product in multi-pack situations.

Digital Temperature Control

Insures consistent and uniform shrink quality by virtually eliminating any temperature fluctuation within the shrink tunnel. Presents a dual display read-out of both actual and set-point temperature to provide an accurate visual indication of tunnel temperature conditions. An added benefit of digital control is it minimizes setup and changeover time to further increase productivity.

Adjustable Fan Speed Controls

Allows independent adjustment of air flow over all surfaces of your package. This assures quality shrink packaging plus maximum flexibility, no matter what the size or shape of your product.

Heavy Duty Motor Drive

The heavy duty, direct drive, variable speed gear motor will provide years of trouble free operation.

Tunnel Curtains

Double silicone rubber re-inforced curtains are slit to allow your packages into and out of the heat chamber. This minimizes heat loss and maintains tunnel temperature accuracy and consistency for quality shrink packages.

Assurance Guarantee

All Belco products are built to exacting standards with the finest materials. They are built to be rugged, durable and precise. You will achieve years of productive and profitable service from them.


Mechanical (Pin Wheel) Hole Punch

This device perforates one row of pinholes spaced approximately 1-inch apart as the shrink film unwinds from the roll. *Not available for use on Inverting Head systems.

Multi-Perforator Hole Punch

Belco's most popular air evacuation device allows excess air to escape the sealed bag during the shrink process. This device perforates a 3-row series of pinholes across a 1½" wide area of the shrink film as it unwinds from the roll. *STC 2016 units comes complete with one wheel and safety guard.
*STC 2520 units come complete with two wheels and safety guard.

Additional Multi-Perforator Wheel

Adding more perforator wheels provides additional air evacuation for larger packages.

Thermal Hole Punch

A hot iron assembly burns a single air evacuation hole in the top sheet of the center-folded shrink film. Not available for use on Inverting Head systems.

Air Hole Punch (Air-Operated sealers only)

This device is pneumatically activated and provides a 5/16" diameter air evacuation hole into the film every time the seal arm cycles.

Easy-Open Perforator System

This device creates a perforation line in the shrink film which allows the customer to easily split the film and gain access to the package. No additional materials are required.

Powered Film Unwind

This motorized film cradle feeds film to the operator upon demand as the package is advanced into the seal area. This option can maximize production speeds while minimizing operator fatigue. *Adjustable Film Inverting Head feature required for this option.

Adjustable Film Inverting Head

By turning film inside out in a 90° manner, an in-line packaging operation can be created to significantly increase production flow, lessen product handling and increase operator efficiencies. 6" or 10" adjustable height openings available. *Power Film Unwind feature required for this option.

Inverting Head Hole Punches

Air evacuation devices come in two different styles to best fit your machine and application. See descriptions above for air or multi-perforation hole punches.

Inverting Head Dual Air Hole Punch (Air-Operated Sealers Only)

Provides dual air evacuation vents 10" apart across the film web width. This device is pneumatically activated and provides two 5/16" diameter air evacuation holes into the film every time the seal arm cycles.

Foot Pedal Assist

This device is for heavy or awkward packages. Press the foot pedal to activate the product take-away conveyor and help move product from the infeed table into the seal area.

Product Take-Away Conveyor Time Delay

This option allows Polyethylene seals to "set" before the Product Take-Away Conveyor moves the package out of the seal area. Always recommended for Polyethylene sealing.

Stainless Steel lnfeed Trays

Designed for food or medical applications. This all stainless steel infeed tray replaces the standard aluminum tray.

Heavy Package Handling Option

The standard infeed tray or film inverting head system is replaced with a heavy duty roller infeed to help the operator package heavy or difficult to handle products. Additionally, the standard product take-away conveyor is replaced with a belt-over-roller table. *Quoted only after Belco Engineering has evaluated the project.

Other Options Available?

We're interested in any application built around a standard Belco Packaging machine. Please consult with the factory.

Export Crating Available

International shipments require special handling.

Factory Acceptance Tests Available

Customers are welcome to visit the factory to test run their machines before shipment.

Spare Parts Kits

Recommended with all machinery purchases.

Hydraulic Controls for Take-Away Conveyor

Dual handle hydraulic controls quickly adjust the take-away conveyor depth for use with heavy products.

Film Trim Take Up System

Improve the efficiency of the operation by having the integrated scrap Film Trim Take-Up System installed on your machine. The trimmed film from each package is neatly guided onto a motorized take-up reel and kept off the floor and away from the operator’s work space. Every time a new roll of film is put onto the machine, remove the tightly wound trim roll for easy disposal.

E-stops Located on Tunnel Entrance and Exit

An emergency stop switch is mounted on the infeed and exit side of the tunnel control box to shut off the machine operation in an emergency situation.

Teflon Curtains for Use with Shrink Poly

When Polyethylene shrink films enter or exit the tunnel, there is the possibility for hot tacking. This condition tears the plastic off the product resulting in rewraps, as well as down time due to production line contamination of the tunnel curtains. Teflon curtains minimize this problem while efficiently maintaining heat inside the shrink tunnel.

Automatic Tunnel Cool Down

At the end of the shift, simply turn off the tunnel Heater switch and then the tunnel Conveyor switch. The machine will begin the cool down cycle and automatically shut-off once a safe cool down temperature of 150°F is reached. A safety disconnect is included for manual shut down override.

Additional Tunnel Height (2" Increments)

Increase the tunnel chamber opening 2” at a time. This option allows for the shrink packaging of products that are taller than the standard tunnel opening.

Tunnel Guide Rails (fixed)

Non-adjustable, these tunnel conveyor side guide rails ensure that whatever enters the heat tunnel will exit consistently. Recommended for round or heat sensitive packages.

Stainless Steel Tunnel Guide Rails (fixed)

Stainless Steel construction is available for food applications. Non-adjustable, these tunnel conveyor side guide rails ensure that whatever enters the heat tunnel will exit consistently. Recommended for round or heat sensitive packages.

220 Volt 3 Phase

Belco can design machinery to meet customers’ power requirements. All machines are tested at their rated operating specifications before shipping to ensure a successful start-up.

440 Volt / 480 Volt 3 Phase

Requires a design change in heating elements, transformers, electrical switches and some other components. Special voltage requests are welcome. All machines are tested at their rated operating specifications before shipping to ensure a successful start-up.

Tunnel Conveyor Cooling Fan

This fan system mounts to the undercarriage of the tunnel conveyor and helps cool the conveyor from building up heat which may affect the bottom shrink for some packages and films.

Product Cooling Fan

An overhead fan helps facilitate the shrink process for Polyethylene films by immediately directing room temperature air over the package after it exits the shrink tunnel. Also helps with the handling of hot packages.

Power Cables

For voltages other than 120 Volts, Belco machines ship without power cables and plugs. We can provide the proper power cable for the amp rating of the machine but strongly recommend following the advice of a licensed electrician for proper hook up.

Lighted Viewing Window with Lexan Shield

An unbreakable Lexan shield is mounted to the tunnel to protect the tempered glass window from inadvertent contact with operators, machinery or product.

Digital Conveyor Speed Control

This conveyor speed control provides a digital display which can be set up to read in various units of measure: feet/minute, inches/minute or even time in the tunnel chamber. *Requires a special motor with encoder feedback capabilities.

Jam Detect Sensor

A photo-eye is mounted at the exit end of the tunnel chamber. When blocked for a determined time period, an annunciator light bar will light up to signal to the operator that product is potentially backing up into the heat chamber. A signal can also be provided to prevent more product from entering the tunnel until the jam is cleared.

Annunciator/Alarm Light Display

A multi-colored light bar mounted on the top of the tunnel control box signals the machine condition at all times: Green signals the tunnel is ready for operation, Amber signals the tunnel is warming up, Red signals the tunnel is out of temperature or an alarm has been triggered and special attention is required.

Temperature Verification Test Port

A pair of leads from the tunnel temperature monitoring thermocouple go to the temperature control and also to this port for easy access with a calibrated meter. A milli-volt signal verifies the reading on the temperature control is within your operating specifications.

Take-Away Conveyor Transfer Bar

For short packages less than 4" long, this option provides for the smooth transfer between the sealer and tunnel conveyors.

How to Choose


The first consideration is the size range of packages you need to wrap. If they will not fit into the seal area, you can't wrap it. . . if they won't fit into the tunnel opening, you can't shrink it. It's crucial to consider the entire size range of packages you want to shrink wrap. Please Note: Low Profile packages can be sealed in seal areas that are much closer in size to your actual package length and width. Taller packages will require larger seal areas. When choosing which tunnel opening is correct for you, a general guideline is to allow 4 inches of clearance between the top and 2 inches between the sides of your largest package to the top and sides of the inside tunnel dimensions. Ask your Belco sales representative to recommend which machine is correct for you based on the maximum length, width, and height of your product. If your packages are over 4 inches tall and within 6 inches of the front seal length, we recommend using a separate L-Sealer and Tunnel to better transition your product from the seal area into the tunnel, especially when the Product Take-Away Conveyor is used for semi-automatic operation.

Product Package Complexity

Do your packages include irregularly shaped designs, windows, or high profile cube boxes or cartons? If so, some of your products may require more precise air control to maintain quality shrink packaging. Therefore, you may want to consider one of the Belco "Recirculating Air" tunnels along with the appropriate Belco L-Bar Sealer.


Do you require standard or high speed productivity? You should consider how many packages you need to produce to meet peak demands as well as satisfy regular production schedules.

Conveyor Belts or Rollers

If your range of package sizes is at least 4 inches long and heavy, rollers should be your choice. If you're going to be shrink wrapping very small to medium sized packages or loose multi-packs, a belt conveyor may better accommodate your needs.

Productivity Options

Belco offers many options that can be added to your STC which are designed to meet your specific production requirements and enhance your productivity. These include: Powered Film Unwind with Adjustable Inverting Head, Air-Operated Seal Arm or Magna-Lock Hold Down System, and Power Take-Away Conveyor. Please ask your Belco representative to assist you in determining how each of these options can best meet your specific needs.

Impulse Wire or Hot Knife?

Belco Impulse Wire sealing technology employs a single Nichrome wire to create the front seal and side seals around your package. During the Sealing Cycle, the wire temperature is controlled by the Seal Wire Heat Adjust for a fixed amount of time which is regulated by the Impulse Timer. A Sealing Wire Sensor monitors the heat buildup in the wire so overheating and wire breakage during the sealing cycle is prevented. For the larger sealers and custom sizes, individual Seal Wire Heat Adjust controls for the front seal and side seal are used. An Impulse/Constant Heat switch allows the operator to choose which sealing method is best for the particular film being sealed. ​Belco L-Sealers with Hot Knife Sealing Technology rely on a set of Mushroom Sealing Knives to seal the film at the proper temperature without creating fumes, smoke and residue common with Impulse Wire sealing machines. Traditional impulse wires operate at higher temperatures to seal and then cut the film while hot knife sealing uses a steel rule cutting blade to mechanically cut the film and the mushroom profile is used to create a small fin seal on the package. This system utilizes heavy duty cartridge heaters for long life, independent Watlow digital temperature controls and precision thermocouples to exactly monitor and control the side seal and front seal.

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