BM Blister Sealer

Industrial Blister Sealer

Designed to provide operator confidence using the highest quality components, these capable units are affordably priced for situations where your concerns include both value and budget.


The BM 2020 and BM 3025 blister sealers are available in two machine sizes with sealing platens measuring 20” Wide x 20” Deep and 30” Wide x 25” Deep.


Machine set up and operation is quick and easy. Set the digital Temperature Control and Seal Time for the product to be sealed. Adjust the incoming airline pressure to the proper PSI reading on the provided air gauge.


To begin the packaging process, first place a blister into each seal fixture cavity. Load the product into the blister and then lay down the blister top card.


The two station shuttle drawer design provides for independent and safe operation from either side of the machine. The operator pushes the seal fixture into the machine to close off the sealing chamber and initiate the sealing cycle.


Belco’s BM 2020 uses a single 8” bore cylinder to lift the seal fixture into contact with the stationary heat platen to create the necessary pressure required for a perfect seal. Dual 8” bore cylinders are used on the BM 3025.


After completion of the seal cycle, the operator returns the shuttle drawer back to home position where sealed product can be unloaded and the next packaging cycle can begin.


For double the production output, add an operator to package the same product on each shuttle side. You can also choose to run a different product on each machine side for additional flexibility.


When you need productivity, reliability and repeatable packaging, you can count on Belco model BM Blister Sealers.

Available Models

Optional Features:

- Independent Seal Station Timer

- High Pressure 10” Bore Cylinder/s

- Custom Paint

- Extended Height Sealing Chamber

- Recessed Teflon Coated Top Tool

- Teflon Coated Platen Protector

- Custom Designed Seal Fixtures

BM Standard Almond 2.png

Standard Features:

- Stationary CNC Machined Sealing Platen

- Specially Designed Heater Blanket for Even Heat Transfer

- Fully Enclosed Sealing Chamber

- Two Station Shuttle Drawer Operation

- Watlow Digital Heat Control

- Digital Seal Time Control

- Oiless Air System with Pressure Gauge

- Recessed Controls

- Welded Tubular Steel Frame

- Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

- 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase Power

BM2020     BM3025

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Features & Options


Main Power Switch

Turns On/Off the power to the entire machine. Maintains all previously set sealer adjustments, which ensures rapid start up and consistent quality at the beginning of you next shift.

Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

Belco Sealers are mobile. You’ll find them easy to move from one production location to another for maximum production flexibility and productivity. Once in place, the machine leveling pads can be adjusted to match your sealer working height to the rest of your production line.

Digital Seal Time Control

Exact settings for the seal time can be easily entered, recorded and verified for every product setup. An added benefit of digital control is it minimizes setup and changeover time to further increase productivitiy.

Oiless Air System with Pressure Gauge

Every Belco sealer comes with a filter, regulator and air gauge. The filter removes any harmful particulates from the incoming air supply and the regulator adjusts the full line pressure down to the package’s required operating pressure. The air gauge provides a quick visual reading of the current sealing pressure.

Welded Tubular Steel Frame

Belco BM's are built to last. You can depend on years of trouble-free production. All Belco Sealers start with the same premise, a heavy wall tubular steel welded frame. Solid. . . nothing to loosen. . . nothing to become misaligned and cause unnecessary wear and downtime.

Fully Enclosed Sealing Chamber

Your operators working with and around the Belco blister sealer are protected at all times whether they are loading or unloading product into the machine. The dual shuttle drawer design locks operators away from the heated sealing platen surface before the sealing cycle can begin.

8-Inch Bore Cylinder

The Belo BM 2020 sealer utilizes a single 8” bore cylinder with a 2” stroke to lift the seal fixture out of the shuttle carrier and create the required seal pressure against the heated sealing platen to seal your product.

The BM 3025 sealer utilizes two 8” bore cylinders in its design.

Recessed Controls

Both the Utility Panel for incoming air and electrical and the Control Panel with all the operator controls for machine operation are recessed to prevent accidental changes to sealing parameters or damage to the controls.

Quick Change Seal Fixtures

The purpose of the shuttle drawers is to transport seal fixtures into and out of the seal chamber. This design allows for the tool free lift-in and lift-out of the sealing fixture into the shuttle drawer by your operator.

Dual Station Shuttle Operation

The Belco BM sealer is built with two independent shuttle stations featuring heavy duty seal fixture carriers for increased productivity and versatility. Add an operator for double the production or run two different blister packages on the same machine at the same time.

Stationary CNC Machined Sealing Platen

The key to achieving consistently great seals is even pressure from front to back and side to side over the entire seal surface. This CNC milled 2” thick aluminum platen is precisely machined to accept the ¾” aluminum top plate and sandwich the heater blanket between them to create a flat and even sealing surface for years of constant operation. Since the design of the heat platen allows for bolting directly to the machine frame, the heater wire leads and the more fragile thermocouple wire leads never have to flex or move throughout the life of the machine. This design provides for a minimum of maintenance. An insulated platen shroud surrounds the top and four sides of the heated platen to help capture and redirect heat back towards the platen to reduce heat loss. An over temperature limit safety circuit is also employed to cut power to the heater in the case of a run-a-way heater condition. The BM 2020 has a platen size of 20” x 20” and the BM 3025 has a platen size of 30” wide x 25” deep.

Specially Designed Heater Blanket for Even Heat Transfer

This thin Silicone fabric heater blanket has heating wire elements within its design which are specifically laid out to distribute heat evenly throughout the blanket and even add additional heat to the perimeters of the blanket to overcome any potential heat loss. The result is even distribution of heat to the platen surface and great packages for you.

Watlow Digital Heat Control

Insures consistent and uniform heat across the sealing platen surface by virtually eliminating any temperature fluctuations in the heat cycle. Presents a dual display read-out of both actual and set-point temperatures to provide an accurate visual indication of sealer temperature conditions. An added benefit of digital control is it minimizes setup and changeover time to further increase productivitiy.

208-230 Volt, 1 Phase Power

The Belco blister sealer requires single phase 208-230 Volt power. We strongly recommend following the advice of a licensed electrician for proper power hook-up.

Popular Optional Configurations

Single Station Operation

This design removes the rear station shuttle for a more compact machine design and use by one operator only.

Extended Height Sealing Chamber to 6-1/2”

This design allows for a blister up to 5” deep to be sealed rather than the standard 3” deep blister sealing capability of the standard sealer. Please ask your Belco representative for engineering assistance and details for the machine and seal fixture design.

High Pressure 10” Cylinder

The BM 2020 standard 8” bore cylinder can be upgraded to a 10” bore cylinder when more seal pressure is required. For the BM 3025 sealer, two 10” bore cylinders would be required. Consult your Belco sales representative for engineering assistance and details for the machine and seal fixture design.

Custom Color

Belco can custom powder coat paint your machine to match your company colors or production floor requirements. Just supply your RAL paint specification along with your request for machine quote.

Custom Seal Fixtures

Wood Seal Fixtures

Wood is the traditional material used for industrial seal fixtures. However, under the extreme pressure and constant heat exposure that comes from normal operation, Belco only uses die-board quality laminated materials to build seal fixtures to guarantee years of trouble performance.

Aluminum Seal Fixtures

In some specialty sealing cases where increased precision and tooling life is required, Belco can build an anodized aluminum seal fixture.

Teflon Coated Platen Protector

A Teflon coated platen protector prevents the machine’s sealing platen bottom surface from becoming scarred or contaminated during normal sealing operation. You can remove the 5 screws and reverse the ½” thick aluminum protector for a new sealing surface.

Recessed Teflon Coated Top Tool

This Teflon coated aluminum top plate can be machined to offer cutouts and be customized to match seal fixture tooling needs for applications where product may protrude above the seal plane such as in double sided blister card sealing.

Custom Designed Seal Fixtures

Belco designs and builds seal fixtures specifically for your product and production needs. Consult your Belco sales representative for engineering assistance and details for the machine and seal fixture design.


Spare Parts Kits

Recommended with all machinery purchases.

Independent Seal Station Timer

Add the ability to change the seal time for each sealing station independent of the other. Temperature and Pressure setting parameters remain the same but seal time can be adjusted to better seal and run two different seal fixtures and products on the same machine at the same time.

International Crating Available

International shipments require special handling.

Factory Acceptance Testing Available

Customers are welcome to visit the factory to test run their machines before shipment.

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