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When Quality Matters

Belco Medical Tray Sealers
BM PLC 2020 - Raw.png

BM Medical


- Easy Set Up

- Simple Operation

- Oiless Air Pressure System

- All Digital Controls

- For Packaging Invasive or Implantable Devices

- Eye Level Operator Controls

- Independent Shuttle Time Control

- Verification Ports for:

       - Time

       - Temperature

       - Pressure


Adds the following:

- PLC Operation

- For Packaging Implantable or Invasive Devices

- Seal Pressure Verification Program

- Dual Station Time and Pressure Control

- Color Touch Screen Operator Interface

- Password Protection

- Process Alarm for Temperature & Pressure

BM2030 2.png

BM PC Medical

THE ALL NEW - 2019 BM2030-PC

Adds the following:

- All New: Single Start Button

- Operator safety has been significantly       increased with a front to back “Thru Machine”     Light Curtain Technology

- Improved Linear Shuttle performance

- Patented Sealed Tray Ejector System

- All New: Tool Change-Over System

- All New: Improved Cycle Start Time Control

- Enhanced Operator Interface Screens

- Color HMI Multi-Touch Screen

- Windows 10 embedded Process Controller

- Easily accessed Control, Power, and Utility components

- RFID with Barcode tool verification available

- Improved cycle pressure monitoring

- Process Verification of Cycle Time, Temperature, and Pressure

Tech Awards 2019  WINNER - Pharma-Medica
Belco Medical Pouch Sealers
PM EL 18 alt.jpg

PM Medical


- Table Top Design

- For Invasive or Implantable Device Packaging

- Stainless Steel Panels

- Eye Level Digital Controls

- Multi-Temperature Monitoring of the Seal Bar

- Verification Ports for:

       - Time

       - Temperature

       - Pressure


Adds the following:

- PLC Operation

- For Packaging Implantable or Invasive Devices

- Seal Pressure Verification Program

- System Alarms for Multiple Functions

- Color Touch Screen Operator Interface

- Process Alarm for Temperature & Pressure


PM PC Medical


- 7" Beckhoff touch screen, dual core panel mounted HMI terminal for input of time, temperature, and pressure parameters

- Verification ports for time, temperature, and pressure

- Data Acquisition Functionality

- Dual thermocouple for control and monitoring

- Temperature control optimized from 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit

- 3/8” wide Seal Bar

- Parallel bag stop and automatic seal cycle activation upon bag presentation

- Adjustable pouch centering guide

- Bottom Heated Seal Pad (optional)

- Pouch seal depth adjustable from .5” to 2.5”

Belco Seal Fixtures & Test Tools

Seal Fixtures

Belco seal fixtures are custom engineered and machined as precision tools.  They are used to heat seal your thermoformed trays and Tyvek or foil lid stock to produce a perfectly sealed package.

Belco Model VTP Medical Pressure Verific

Verification Test Tools

Belco Verification Test Tools allow for the convenience of on-demand user verification of controls used on Belco BM Tray Sealers and PM Pouch Sealers.​

VTP Test Tool

The Belco Model VTP Pressure Verification Tool is a calibrated pressure test gauge.

VTT Test Tool

The Belco Model VTT Time Verification Tool is a calibrated test timer.

Download the Belco Medical Sealer Brochure
How to choose which Belco Medical Tray Sealer is right for you?

When considering which model Belco Medical Tray Sealer to choose, there are two issues of primary consideration:

Sealing Size and Required Levels of Process Control.

Sealing Size

The first consideration is the size range of your package components.  Do your trays and lids fit within the maximum sealing area for each respective machine size?

Other factors may affect and influence your desired results, such as total seal surface area, sealing flange width, thermoform material thickness and consistency.  For more specific information, please consult with Belco's experienced and knowledgeable medical sales group.

Required Levels of Process Control

As you step up in performance with each model, you gain an increased level of control and flexibility.  The BM PC models add sophisticated levels of data acquisition.  No matter which series you choose, ALL Belco models are capable of delivering the same high quality sealed package.

Total Efficiency. . . No Ifs, Ands or Bolts

You'll profit from the solid advantages of Belco Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers. These ruggedly-built machines provide the framework for greater productivity and less maintenance, which means higher productivity for you. Year after year, Belco's durable, heavy-duty, fully-welded tubular steel frames give you dependable performance and consistent results ... and that's crucial in the medical packaging industry.


Belco Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers, reinforced at all pressure points, are built to last. No bolts to loosen and weaken the machine. No shaking and rattling to affect production performance or accuracy. No machine components failing or jamming in critical situations. What you get are total performance medical tray sealers that are simple to operate and easy to maintain.

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