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ST Recirculating

Recirculating Air Tunnels

Customers use this style shrink tunnel where the application calls for absolute shrink quality, control of the seal edges, speed or aesthetics.


Belco Shrink Tunnels are designed and built to accept a variety of wrapped products of all shapes and sizes. Loosely wrapped products enter into the tunnel and emerge as perfectly finished shrink packages suitable for any retail level outlet or store shelf.


Built on an all welded tubular steel frame, these machines are available in many heat chamber sizes to meet your production output needs. These machines combine production proven components with modern control technology to monitor and regulate the temperature, air flow and time in the tunnel to create repeatable packages all shift long.


Belco uses a Watlow microprocessor based temperature control with fin strip heaters to maintain precise temperatures within the heat chamber. A direct drive 1 HP blower motor produces a forced air flow which can then be adjusted and directed to the top, bottom and sides of the package as it passes through the tunnel. This forced air flow can also be patterned to contact the film wherever you select to quickly balloon the film about the product and then tightly shrink it down around the contours of the package. This produces consistent, high quality, uniformly shrink wrapped packages, even for the most difficult shapes and sizes.


By having the capability of tuning the airflow pattern around your product, Belco shrink  tunnels can operate at lower, more energy efficient temperatures, run at faster production rates and make less demands on your work space.


For packaging speeds of 200,000 to 4 million packages per year, these Recirculating Air Style shrink tunnels are perfect complements for semi-automatic sealer, automatic L-Sealer and automatic Side Sealer production lines.

Available Models

ST1608    ST1608SS    ST1608L    ST1608LSS    ST1612    ST2210    ST2210SS    ST2214    ST3212    ST3216    ST4410

Standard Features:

- Watlow microprocessor based digital temperature control

- Heavy duty 1 HP blower motor with air flow controls

- Variable speed conveyor control

- Independent Heater On/Off switch

- Direct drive conveyor motor

- Fused electrical protection

- Automatic tunnel cool down and shut-off

- Heavy duty locking casters and leveling pads

Optional Features:

- Multiple Conveyor choices

- Lighted Viewing Window

- Smart Tunnel Control System

- Infeed and Exit Conveyor extensions

- Stainless Steel Construction

- 240/480 Volt 3 Phase Power

ST1608 PLC studio.jpg
Download the Belco Industrial Brochure
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