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The Merlin is a fully automatic F/F/S wrapper designed to form and seal flat film around your product without producing any waste or film trim. This design produces the lowest cost per package and can maintain production speeds up to 100 packages or 120 feet of film per minute depending on model and configuration.  The Merlin Sealer comes with a 16” or 24” wide hot knife cross seal and your choice of a static overlap or thermal bottom seal to satisfy any film requirement. Four configurations of sealing modules are offered to best meet your specific packaging needs.

How Do I Choose?

The Merlin Sealer with Rotary seal head is an excellent choice for low profile packages and best suited for hi-speed operations requiring up to 100 ppm or more. It is perfect to use with most shrink films and comes with the static overlap bottom seal to create a retail level package appearance. Choose the 16” cross seal for package widths up to 14” wide and no taller than 1” high. Choose the 24” cross seal for product sizes up to 22” wide and 1” or less in height. This sealer design requires a minimum amount of maintenance due to very few moving parts and is generally chosen for dedicated product size packaging lines.


The Orbital Merlin Sealer is a great choice for packages that have a wide range of cutoff lengths, are taller or grouped in similar size and height ranges and where speeds up to 80 packages per minute are needed. This sealer has a minimum of moving parts and is easy to maintain. It is available in a 16” or 24” cross seal size and comes standard with a static overlap or optional thermal bottom seal based on your film preference.


The Stationary Merlin Sealer has the capability to package tall and wide products, utilize flat film for the lowest cost per package and run multiple production shifts in operations where speed is not an issue. This machine design, with its stop and start conveyor system, allows product to be fed into the sealer automatically at speeds up to 15 ppm or more depending on product length.


The Reciprocating Motion Merlin Sealer can accept tall and wide products at up to 80 ppm depending on product size and length. The variable speed discharge conveyor has the ability to close the gap between products during the sealing process to minimize overall bag length and further reduce the cost per package. This servo driven sealer is a perfect choice to achieve the lowest overall cost per package compared with other packaging methods including automatic L-sealers and side sealers.

Merlin: Rotary

Merlin AM 16 - Infeed View.jpg

Standard Features:

- 16” Wide Rotary Hot Knife Sealing System

- Digital Temperature Control
- Hand wheel adjustable controls for simple product change over
- Package speeds up to 100 packages per minute
- Vacuum Belt Transfer Conveyor

3-1/2’ Flighted infeed conveyor

- Fixed Height Film Former

- Multi-Perforator Hole Punch
- Heavy Duty Welded Tubular Steel Frame

- Heavy duty locking casters and leveling pads
- No Product/No Cycle Photo-Eye
- No Air required
- 120 Volt, 20 Amp, power requirement 

- Static Bottom Overlap Seal

Optional Features:

- 8’ or 12’ Flighted Infeed Conveyor Module with Paper Guides (Replaces 3-1/2’ Module)

- Product Management Devices
- Adjustable Height Film Former

- Thermal Bottom Seal

- Belted and Low Pressure Accumulation Infeed Modules

- Reverse Flow Operation

- Custom Integration

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