What’s important to you?

Ease of use?     Quality?     Reliability?     A repeatable and verifiable process?     Production output and speed?

Belco Packaging Systems can help you find the perfect machine for your needs and your budget.


Start with our L-Sealers and choose either the Impulse Wire or Hot Knife Sealing system. Do you need  a Manual, Semi-automatic or a fully Automatic sealing machine? For more production speed, look at our FEN 136 Side Seal Model for up to 50 ppm or our Merlin F/F/S high speed wrapper to package up to 100 ppm depending on the model chosen. No project is too big or too small for a Belco Sealer.


Belco Shrink Tunnels are designed to produce a perfect, consistent and repeatable package at lower operating temperatures and faster production speeds than what you have experienced before. That is because we designed the tunnel air flow and heat distribution inside the tunnel for what the shrink film requires to do its job. This allows us to dial in the performance you need to get a repeatable quality package each and every time.


This same attention in building shrink tunnels has been the foundation for many of the Curing and Annealing Tunnel applications where customers report they are able to get more output and better results than from their previous conventional ovens. All this performance comes with absolute process control over time and temperature.


The Belco MAXX-5 Bag Top Sealer and Labeler is a fast and effective way to quickly package product in a premade polypropylene bag to create a retail display presentation.


Belco Industrial Blister Sealers are dual station semi-automatic work horses that can produce reliable and consistent packages with a minimum of operator training. They are safe and efficient to operate and can produce 1-1/2 to 3 million packages per year depending on the number of items to be sealed per cycle.


The Medical Device Industry has become a large part of Belco’s product offering for both Medical Pouch Sealers and Medical Tray Sealers and custom seal fixtures. Every machine is put through extensive Quality and Testing protocols before we ship product to you. We do this because we know every package you produce on a Belco Medical Sealer must be perfect each and every time.


Complete your production line with one of our popular 180 degree conveyors or Rotary Tables for a space saving means to accumulate finished product.

We have everything you need!

With so many choices available, how do you choose?
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