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ILS Impulse Wire

L-Bar Sealers

Belco L-Sealers feature a welded tubular steel frame and sealing head design to maintain perfect alignment during the sealing process. This unique construction is superior to conventional assemblies that are simply bolted together.  This manufacturing process provides consistently strong seals, long machine life and years of trouble-free performance. 

Belco Impulse Wire sealing technology employs a single Nichrome wire to create the front seal and side seals around your package. During the Sealing Cycle, the wire temperature is controlled by the Seal Wire Heat Adjust for a fixed amount of time which is regulated by the Impulse Timer. A Sealing Wire Sensor monitors the heat buildup in the wire so overheating and wire breakage during the sealing cycle is prevented. For the larger sealers and custom sizes, individual Seal Wire Heat Adjust controls for the front seal and side seal are used. An Impulse/Constant Heat switch allows the operator to choose which sealing method is best for the particular film being sealed.

Belco L-Sealers come in a variety of sizes and styles to help you package your product in a quick and efficient manner.


All film manufacturers require sealing machines to control the same three variables in order to make their film seal: Time. Temperature and Pressure. For 60 years. Belco L-Sealers have easily met and surpassed these demands while producing fast. clean. and repeatable seals. 

Available Models

ILS2016    ILS2520    ILS3022    ILS4030    ILS5030    ILS5016    ILS8442    

Optional Features:

- Magna-Lock sealing system

- Air operated sealing system

- Product take-away conveyor

- Powered film unwind

- Inverting heads

- Multi-perforator hole punches

- Stainless steel construction

ILS 3022.jpg

Standard Features:

- Welded tubular steel frame and sealing head (with a 5 year warranty)
- Adjustable aluminum in-feed table with film opening horn
- Independent seal wire heat adjust and impulse timer
- Impulse or constant heat seal mode
- Sealing wire sensor prevents overheating
- Fused electrical protection
- Reversible seal base rubber and Teflon: no tools or tape required

- Adjustable Tilt Table/Conveyor

- Heavy duty locking casters with leveling pads

The sealing operation is safe, fast and reliable. Simply place your product into the centerfold of film, advance both film and product into the seal area and lower the sealing arm. Upon completion of the heat seal cycle, the arm will return to the up position, leaving your product fully wrapped. 

Download the Belco Industrial Brochure

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