FEN136 Side Seal Wrapper

This automatic side seal wrapper is designed to run as a hand feed sealer or in a fully automatic production line where product enters onto the infeed conveyor randomly spaced or even back-to-back with no spacing.


The combination of photo-eyes for No-Product/No Cycle operation and the PLC control system determines product length and proper gap spacing for sealing and also allows for packaging random length packages of all sizes at film speeds of 60 feet per minute or up to 50 packages per minute.

The machine features a 17” wide mushroom style hot knife seal bar. The reciprocating seal head travels with the product to make the seal, raises up and returns to make the next seal while the side seal mechanism guides the trimmed film away from the package to a scrap wind-up wheel.


With the ability to store up to 99 recipes in the PLC, a color operator interface for easy product setup and 120 volt plug in operation, this compact machine will accept a wide variety of product lengths and sizes and was built to deliver repeatable packaging performance.

Available Models


Standard Features:

- Mushroom Style Hot Knife Sealing System

- Continuous Motion Reciprocating Seal Head

- Constant Heat Wide Band Side Seal for Infinite Length Sealing

- PLC Control System for Easy Recall of Up to 99 Package Recipes

- Variable Speed Conveyors

- No Product/ No Cycle Product Infeed

- Auto-Indexing Infeed Conveyor with Photo-Eye

- Standard 120 Volt Power

- Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

Optional Features:

- Light Curtain Sensor System for Irregular Profiles

- FDA Approved Belts

- Reverse Flow Operation

- Custom Color

- Stainless Steel Panels

FEN - 136 PLC.png
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Features & Options

Popular Optional Configurations

Custom Color

Belco can custom powder coat paint your machine to match your company colors or production floor requirements. Just supply your RAL paint specification along with your request for machine quote.

Stainless Steel Construction

The Belco line-up of equipment is also offered in stainless steel construction for use in Pharmaceutical, Food, Meat, Fish and Poultry processing environments. They comply with FDA and USDA requirements for packaging your product. These are wipe-down rated machines and not designed for washdown cleaning.

Reverse Flow Operation

The standard machine build has the operator feeding the machine in a right to left manner. Reverse orientation allows for a left to right operation.

How To Choose

Which Belco Automatic Sealer is right for you?

Belco ALS Automatic L-Sealers are capable of running production speeds of 5 to 25 packages per minute depending on your package size and shape. This represents 500,000 to 2,500,000 packages per year, based on an 8 hour, single shift operation.

The Belco FEN 136 Side Seal Automatic Sealer Is designed to run product up to 13” Wide and 6” High. Because it is a continuous motion sealer, packages at least 4” Long to an unlimited length are able to be wrapped.

Film feed speeds are 60’/minute or a maximum 50 ppm which can produce over 5 million packages per year, based on an 8 hour, single shift operation.

The FEN sealer uses A or B wind Center Fold shrink film, can be hand fed or put into an existing automated line and is uniquely adept at packaging long narrow products such as extrusions, shelving and wood trims as well as other more conventional sized products.

The most cost efficient automatic sealer Belco manufactures is the Merlin F/F/S Automatic. This high speed wrapper uses flat film and creates an overlap bottom seal with no film trim or waste. Speeds up to 100 ppm or more can be achieved in multiple shift operations while reliably producing the lowest cost per package possible. Look to this machine for yearly rates of up to 10 million packages in an 8 hour, single shift operation.

With such a variety of sealers, we have the machinery and features you need and will use.


There is one Model FEN 136 sealer to accommodate a wide range of package sizes.

With a cross seal of 17” wide and a maximum infeed belt width of 13” wide, the maximum height package should be 4“ or under. As the package width narrows, the height of the package can increase to the maximum seal jaw opening of 6” High.

Overall package length should be 4” long or more.

Please feel free to contact your Belco sales representative or local distributor for a machine recommendation based on the maximum length, width and height of your product.


Do your packages include irregularly shaped designs? Will you be sealing multi-packs, high profile cube boxes or cartons? If so, you may want to consider Belco's optional features to enhance your system. Your operator will spend less time preparing and handling the product and you will realize more productivity.


Do you require hand feed or automatic operation? By the use of conveyors and other automatic equipment, the last person to touch your product can be the machine operator, even if they are stationed several feet away.

With the Auto-Indexing Infeed Conveyor and variable speed controls, the machine paces the work flow, not your operator, to help meet your production output goals.


Belco offers specific options that can be added to your FEN sealer to help meet production requirements and enhance productivity. Popular options include Belco Shrink Tunnels to produce at faster speeds with higher quality shrink packages, infeed conveyors with work tables to help stage product to be sealed and automatic feeders and labelers to lower operator fatigue and increase production output.


Belco FEN Automatic Side-Sealers are built to be a robust part of your production line and require little maintenance. The only wear item is the lower seal pad and Teflon cover. Simple and regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance will guarantee years of trouble-free production output.


Main Power Switch

Turns On/Off the power to the entire machine. Maintains all previously set sealing parameters to ensure rapid start up and consistent quality seals at the beginning of your next shift.

Welded Frame

Belco FEN Automatic Side-Seal machines are built to last. You can depend on years of trouble-free production. All Belco FEN Sealers start with the same premise, a heavy wall tubular steel welded frame. Solid. . . nothing to loosen. . . nothing to become misaligned and cause unnecessary wear and downtime.

No Product / No Cycle Operation

The infeed conveyor belt runs until a product is detected to begin a new seal cycle.

Film Mizer

A set of two clamping wheels helps guide the film trim towards the operator and minimize film waste.

Adjustable Height Film Inverting Head

By turning film inside out in a 90 degree manner, an in-line packaging operation can be created to significantly increase production flow, lessen product handling and increase operator efficiencies.

Powered Film Unwind

The waist high powered film unwind makes film roll change-overs simple and easy for any operator, no tools required. When the product detect photo-eyes see the leading edge of the package to be sealed, the unwind unit feeds the precise amount of film required to make the next package.

Film Trim Take-Up Wheel

Improves the efficiency of the operation with this integrated Film Trim Take-Up Wheel. The trimmed film from each package is neatly guided onto a motorized take-up reel and kept off the floor and away from the operator’s work space. Every time a new roll of film is put onto the machine, remove the tightly wound trim roll for easy disposal. Improves the efficiency of the operation with this integrated scrap film trim take-up wheel.

Mushroom Style Hot Knife Sealing System

The hot knife sealing system operates at the film’s sealing temperature and uses a steel rule die blade to mechanically cut and separate the film. Precise PLC temperature control allows the film to be sealed and then cut without any smoke or residue buildup. A small, strong fin seal is produced.

Continuous Motion Reciprocating Seal Head

When the product detect photo-eye initiates the seal cycle, the seal bar closes and then travels with the leading edge of the package to create a strong fin seal. At the end of its cycle time, the seal bar opens and retracts to home position to initiate the seal cycle again for the trailing edge of the package. This same seal becomes the leading edge for the next package.

Constant Heat Wide Band Side Seal for Infinite Length Sealing

The wide band Nichrome wire side seal element is configured to seal the centerfold film edges at film speeds up to 60’/ minute without creating any smoke, residue or fumes. A panel mounted heat adjust with amp meter precisely dials in the Side Seal Current for the film type and gauge and speed.

PLC Control System

The Operator Interface stores your setup parameters for easy retrieval of up to 99 package recipes. For each package, enter the Product Length and Height, the Cross Seal Temperature and Seal Time and the Side Seal Current.

Variable Speed Conveyors

The Master Conveyor Speed will properly adjust the infeed, side seal and exit conveyors and report actual production rates in Parts Per Minute for real time display to the operator.

Auto-Indexing Infeed Conveyor with Photo-Eye

A fiber optic staging/spacing eye sends a signal to start and stop the side seal and cross seal conveyors so product is properly fed into the sealing machine. Long and short product lengths can be run with a gap spacing or even back to back without false cycles or missed seals.


An Emergency Stop switch is mounted on the control panel to shut off the machine operation in an emergency situation.

Multi-Perforator Hole Punch

Belco’s most popular air evacuation device allows excess air to escape the sealed bag during the shrink process. This device perforates a 3-row series of pinholes across a 1-1/2” wide area of the shrink film as it unwinds from the roll.

Standard 120 Volt Power

This machine was designed to run using 120 Volt 20 Amp power for everyday use in any production setting or environment.

Heavy Duty Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

Move your Belco FEN automatic side-sealer to wherever the job is or level it and leave it in your production line. The choice is yours.


Easy-Open Perforator System

This device creates a perforation line in the shrink film which allows the customer to easily split the film and gain access to the package. No additional materials are required.

Other Options Available?

We're interested in any application built around a standard Belco Packaging machine. Please consult with the factory.

Export Crating Available

International shipments require special handling.

Factory Acceptance Tests Available

Customers are welcome to visit the factory to test run their machines before shipment.

Spare Parts Kits

Recommended with all machinery purchases.

Film Lifter

This bar lifts the film so it does not drag over the top of product entering the inverting head area.

Exit Conveyor Transfer Rollers

This set of rollers helps transition wrapped product away from the machine and onto the next conveyor or shrink tunnel.

Pnuematic Hole Punch

This device is pneumatically activated and provides a 5/16" diameter air evacuation hole into the film every time the seal arm cycles.

Dual Pneumatic Hole Punch

Provides dual air evacuation vents 10" apart across the film web width. This device is pneumatically activated and provides two 5/16" diameter air evacuation holes into the film every time the seal arm cycles.

Light Curatin Sensor System

For irregular shapes and profiles, this sensor is an array of photo-eyes to detect the leading and trailing edge of a package.

Small Product Exit End Transfer Rollers

For short products or packages that may stall exiting the FEN seal area, these small diameter, closely spaced rollers help transition packages away from the machine and onto the next conveyor or shrink tunnel.

Product Staging Infeed Conveyors

Belco offers a number of variable speed infeed and discharge conveyors to bring product into and away from the packaging machinery. These can be belted conveyors, flighted conveyors or low pressure accumulation conveyors. Use these options as work stations by adding on assembly and side tables to further optimize space and increase operator efficiencies.

Sealstrip Shrink Tape and Peel Wrap Systems

Belco is a OEM Partner with Sealstrip to offer easy open package features with our sealers. Shrink Tape is the red or colored tape used in cigarette packages for easy open packaging. Peelwrap is another method which gives more grip to the user and allows for a fuller presentation of the package after opening.

Friction Feeders

Feeders can present coupons, booklets, sales sheets and other items onto your package or to your operator for use in conjunction with an automated system.

FDA Approved Belts

The infeed, side seal and discharge conveyor belts are replaced with FDA approved belts for food and clean room operations.

Stainless Steel Panels

The exterior panels of the FEN sealer are replaced with Stainless Steel panels instead of the standard Almond powder coat paint offering.

Empty Bag Blow-Off Motor with Switch

An air stream is created across the tunnel infeed to prevent empty shrink bags from entering the tunnel chamber. Recommended for all automatic sealer applications.

Infeed / Side Seal Support Rails

Additional custom supports to guide and manage your product through the machine.

Air Injection System

Air is injected into the film being sealed to partially inflate the bag. This added air is helpful for product flow into the film and to help balloon the film through the shrink process. This option helps improve the products final package appearance.

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