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FEN136 Side Seal Wrapper

This automatic side seal wrapper is designed to run as a hand feed sealer or in a fully automatic production line where product enters onto the infeed conveyor randomly spaced or even back-to-back with no spacing.


The combination of photo-eyes for No-Product/No Cycle operation and the PLC control system determines product length and proper gap spacing for sealing and also allows for packaging random length packages of all sizes at film speeds of 60 feet per minute or up to 50 packages per minute.

The machine features a 17” wide mushroom style hot knife seal bar. The reciprocating seal head travels with the product to make the seal, raises up and returns to make the next seal while the side seal mechanism guides the trimmed film away from the package to a scrap wind-up wheel.


With the ability to store up to 99 recipes in the PLC, a color operator interface for easy product setup and 120 volt plug in operation, this compact machine will accept a wide variety of product lengths and sizes and was built to deliver repeatable packaging performance.

Available Models


Standard Features:

- Mushroom Style Hot Knife Sealing System

- Continuous Motion Reciprocating Seal Head

- Constant Heat Wide Band Side Seal for Infinite Length Sealing

- PLC Control System for Easy Recall of Up to 99 Package Recipes

- Variable Speed Conveyors

- No Product/ No Cycle Product Infeed

- Auto-Indexing Infeed Conveyor with Photo-Eye

- Standard 120 Volt Power

- Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

Optional Features:

- Light Curtain Sensor System for Irregular Profiles

- FDA Approved Belts

- Reverse Flow Operation

- Custom Color

- Stainless Steel Panels

FEN - 136 PLC.png
Download the Belco Industrial Brochure

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