Automatic L-Bar Sealers

When the time comes to automate your operation or simply speed up production output, consider the Belco ALS automatic L-Sealer for your packaging line. These automatic sealers are compact, budget friendly machines which are simple to use and easy to maintain.


Simply place product onto the sealer’s variable speed infeed conveyor belt to start the process. A photo-eye will detect the leading edge of your package as it enters into the sealing area and begin feeding center folded film from the power film unwind. Your product will continue into the sealing area where the trailing edge of the package is detected by the photo eye, triggering the conveyors and film unwind to stop and simultaneously begin the sealing process. At the end of the seal dwell time, the sealing arm completes its cycle and the product discharge conveyor moves your sealed package out of the sealing area to allow for the next cycle to begin.


A variety of available options, sizes and features means there is an ALS automatic L-Sealer ready to package your most challenging or difficult to handle items. Consider this machine for automatic packaging speeds of 15-25 packages per minute depending on product size.

Available Models

ALS2218    ALS2822    ALS3022    ALS4132    ALS4332    ALS5532

Standard Features:

- Waste High Power Film Unwind for Easy Film Loading

- Adjustable Height Inverting Head with Air Assist and Film Lifter

- Hot Knife Sealing System with Digital Temperature Controls

- Digital Time Controls for Seal Time, Bag Length and Film Advance

- Variable Speed Conveyors

- Horizontal and Vertical Photo-Eyes to Detect Incoming Product

- Multi-Perforator Air Evacuation System

- Heavy Duty Locking Casters with Leveling Pads


Optional Features:

- FDA Approved Conveyor Belts

- Mushroom Style Seal Knives with Radius Corner Cutoff

- Print Registration

- Light Curtain Sensor System for Irregular Profiles

- Closing Conveyor for Short Products Under 4” Long

- Adjustable Height Seal Bar Opening

- Reverse Flow Operation

- Custom Color

- Stainless Steel Construction

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Features & Options

Popular Optional Configurations

Custom Color

Belco can custom powder coat paint your machine to match your company colors or production floor requirements. Just supply your RAL paint specification along with your request for machine quote.

Stainless Steel Construction

The Belco line-up of equipment is also offered in stainless steel construction for use in Pharmaceutical, Food, Meat, Fish and Poultry processing environments. They comply with FDA and USDA requirements for packaging your product. These are wipe-down rated machines and not designed for washdown cleaning.

C Model with Closing Conveyor for Short Products

In operation, the product sealing conveyor bridges the seal gap every time the seal arm raises to accept and allow small product transfer from the infeed conveyor into the sealing area. It then retracts at the start of the next seal cycle. Instead of a 4” minimum product length, the C Model ALS can now package products as short as 2” long.

A Model with Adjustable Height Seal Jaw Opening

The A Model ALS has an extended seal jaw opening to handle taller package heights. Included with this feature is Center Sealing which allows you to adjust the seal midway up the package height.

AC Model with Closing Conveyor and Adjustable Height Seal Jaw Opening

This model machine has both the Closing Conveyor feature and the Extended Height feature built into one machine.

Reverse Flow Operation

The standard machine build has the operator feeding the machine in a right to left manner. Reverse orientation allows for a left to right operation.

How To Choose

Which Belco ALS is right for you?

Belco Automatic L-Sealers are capable of running production speeds of 5 to 25 packages per minute depending on your package size and shape. This represents 500,000 to 2,500,000 packages per year, based on an 8 hour, single shift operation.

With four styles of sealers available in four size ranges, we have the exact solution for your packaging needs.

These automatic machines start with the most popular ALS 2218 and ALS 2822/ALS 3022 Models and then target larger package sizes with our ALS 4132/ALS 4332 and our largest ALS 5532 sealer models.

Each Model is available as the Standard offering, with the Closing Conveyor Feature, with the Extended Height Feature or with both Closing Conveyor and Extended Height Opening Features.

With such a variety of sealers, order only the features you need and will use.


Starting with the popular ALS 2218 sealer, Belco offers sealing sizes from 22” long by 18” wide up to our largest automatic L-sealer at 55” long by 32” wide.

With so many choices, your first consideration is the size range of packages you will need to wrap.

Low profile packages can fit within seal areas that are much closer in size to your actual package length and width.

If your package is less than 4” long or if the package may have an uneven bottom surface which could stall crossing over the seal area, always choose the C Model sealer with the Closing Conveyor Feature.

For a package that is 3” tall or less, you should allow at least 4” of extra room in the seal area for bag length and width.

Package heights under 5” will fit into the Standard and C Models and for package sizes taller than 5”, the A Model sealer will accept up to an 8-1/2” tall package. These taller packages will require larger seal areas so allow 6”-8” of extra room in the seal length and width.

Please feel free to contact your Belco sales representative or local distributor for a machine recommendation based on the maximum length, width and height of your product.


Do your packages include irregularly shaped designs? Will you be sealing multi-packs, high profile cube boxes or cartons? If so, you may want to consider Belco's optional features to enhance your system. Your operator will spend less time preparing and handling the product and you will realize more productivity.


Do you require hand feed or automatic operation? By the use of conveyors and other automatic equipment, the last person to touch your product can be the machine operator, even if they are stationed several feet away.

With the No Product / No Cycle photo start eyes and ability to adjust the ALS infeed conveyor speed to meet your production line needs, the machine paces the work flow, not your operator.


Belco offers specific options that can be added to your ALS sealer to help meet production requirements and enhance productivity. Popular options include Belco Shrink Tunnels to produce at faster speeds with higher quality shrink packages, infeed conveyors with work tables to help stage product to be sealed and automatic feeders and labelers to lower operator fatigue and increase production output.


Belco ALS Automatic L-Sealers are built to be a robust part of your production line and require little maintenance. The only wear item is the lower seal pad and Teflon cover. Simple and regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance will guarantee years of trouble-free production output.


Main Power Switch

Turns On/Off the power to the entire machine. Maintains all previously set sealing parameters to ensure rapid start up and consistent quality seals at the beginning of your next shift.

Heavy Duty Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

Move your Belco L-Sealer to wherever the job is or level it and leave it in your production line. The choice is yours.

Welded Frame

Belco ALS's are built to last. You can depend on years of trouble-free production. All Belco L-Sealers start with the same premise, a heavy wall tubular steel welded frame. Solid. . . nothing to loosen. . . nothing to become misaligned and cause unnecessary wear and downtime.

Seal Dwell Time Control

This adjustable time control monitors how long the seal knives are in contact with the film.

Hot Knife Sealing System

Teflon coated V-shaped sealing blades are used on the ALS sealer to seal and cut the film. This system uses single blade inserts along with individual heaters and temperature controls to monitor the heat to produce strong seals without film build-up, residue or fumes.

Digital Temperature Controls

Independent digital temperature controls monitor and adjust the heat to the front seal and the side seal.

Film Advance Time Control

At the completion of the sealing cycle, this timer controls how much film is advanced so the leading edge of the next product does not run into the cross seal. You can now adjust how much bag is on the leading edge of the package to properly center the product.

Bag Length Time Control

When the photo-eye detects the trailing edge of the product to be sealed, this timer controls how much extra film to add to the bag length so you can properly center the product for sealing.

Variable Speed Conveyor Control

The infeed and discharge conveyors and the power film unwind can be adjusted with one control to meet your production demands. You can adjust the conveyor speed to run faster and pull a gap when used with another incoming conveyor or run slower if necessary to keep a multipack package from separating as it transitions onto the infeed conveyor.

No Product / No Cycle Operation

The infeed conveyor belt runs until a product is detected to begin a new seal cycle.

Horizontal / Vertical Eye Switch

This feature allows you to choose the best method to see the next product to be sealed. Low profile products can easily be detected using the vertical eye and taller products benefit from the horizontal eye.

This same set of photo-eyes allows you to run random length products since they detect the leading and trailing edges of the package before initiating the sealing cycle.

An additional benefit is the horizontal eye and receiver can be adjusted at a diagonal when small gaps may be present in the package or for multipack packaging to prevent false seal cycles.


An emergency stop switch is mounted on the infeed conveyor front cover to shut off the machine operation in an emergency situation.

Pre-Warmer Switch

The timed pre-warmer switch lowers the seal arm to make contact with the seal base and warm the seal pads for faster start-ups on cold days.

Film Mizer

A set of two clamping wheels helps guide the film trim towards the operator and minimize film waste.

Film Lifter

This bar lifts the film so it does not drag over the top of product entering the inverting head area.

Adjustable Height Film Inverting Head with Air Assist

By turning film inside out in a 90 degree manner, an in-line packaging operation can be created to significantly increase production flow, lessen product handling and increase operator efficiencies. Small holes in the inverting head release air to help the film glide over the inverting head surfaces for smooth, static free operation.

Powered Film Unwind

The waist high powered film unwind makes film roll change-overs simple and easy for any operator, no tools required. When the product detect photo-eyes see the leading edge of the package to be sealed, the unwind unit feeds the precise amount of film required to make the next package.

Product Staging Switch

This switch enables the infeed conveyor to continue running and present the next package to be sealed even while the sealing cycle is under way.

Film Trim Take-Up Wheel

Improves the efficiency of the operation with this integrated Film Trim Take-Up Wheel. The trimmed film from each package is neatly guided onto a motorized take-up reel and kept off the floor and away from the operator’s work space. Every time a new roll of film is put onto the machine, remove the tightly wound trim roll for easy disposal. Improves the efficiency of the operation with this integrated scrap film trim take-up wheel.

Multi-Perf Hole Punch

A set of collars with adjustable height pins can be moved and positioned across the film web width on the powered film unwind to introduce air evacuation holes into the package.

Exit Conveyor Transfer Rollers

This set of rollers helps transition wrapped product away from the machine and onto the next conveyor or shrink tunnel.


Easy-Open Perforator System

This device creates a perforation line in the shrink film which allows the customer to easily split the film and gain access to the package. No additional materials are required.

Other Options Available?

We're interested in any application built around a standard Belco Packaging machine. Please consult with the factory.

Export Crating Available

International shipments require special handling.

Factory Acceptance Tests Available

Customers are welcome to visit the factory to test run their machines before shipment.

Spare Parts Kits

Recommended with all machinery purchases.

Mushroom Style Seal Blades with Radius Corner Cutoff

Traditional hot knife systems operate at higher temperatures to seal and then cut the film. A steel rule cutting blade transitions the side seal and the front seal, so there is no seal gap. This process mechancially cuts the film at lower temperatures. The mushroom profile creates a small, strong fin seal on the package without producing smoke, fumes or a residue build-up.

Pnuematic Hole Punch

This device is pneumatically activated and provides a 5/16" diameter air evacuation hole into the film every time the seal arm cycles.

Dual Pneumatic Hole Punch

Provides dual air evacuation vents 10" apart across the film web width. This device is pneumatically activated and provides two 5/16" diameter air evacuation holes into the film every time the seal arm cycles.

Product Stop Separator

For faster production speeds, a pneumatic stop cycles in conjunction with the seal arm to present product into the seal area. Product can now be staged back to back with no gap on the infeed conveyor belt.

Print Registration

When used with printed film, this photo eye detects a printed eye spot on the film edge and triggers the next seal cycle.

Light Curatin Sensor System

For irregular shapes and profiles, this sensor is an array of photo-eyes to detect the leading and trailing edge of a package.

FDA Approved Infeed and Exit Belts

Both conveyor belts are replaced with an FDA approved belt for food and clean room operations.

EZ Clean Infeed Belt System

For easy and quick maintenance and daily cleaning, this mechanism allows the FDA approved infeed belt to be removed and re-assembled in a timely manner.

Small Product Exit End Transfer Rollers

For short products or packages that may stall on the standard discharge rollers, these small diameter, closely spaced rollers help transition packages away from the machine and onto the next conveyor or shrink tunnel.

Product Staging Infeed Conveyors

Belco offers a number of variable speed infeed and discharge conveyors to bring product into and away from the packaging machinery. These can be belted conveyors, flighted conveyors or low pressure accumulation conveyors. Use these options as work stations by adding on assembly and side tables to further optimize space and increase operator efficiencies.

Sealstrip Shrink Tape and Peel Wrap Systems

Belco is a OEM Partner with Sealstrip to offer easy open package features with our sealers. Shrink Tape is the red or colored tape used in cigarette packages for easy open packaging. Peelwrap is another method which gives more grip to the user and allows for a fuller presentation of the package after opening.

Friction Feeders

Feeders can present coupons, booklets, sales sheets and other items onto your package or to your operator for use in conjunction with an automated system.

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