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Automatic L-Bar Sealers

When the time comes to automate your operation or simply speed up production output, consider the Belco ALS automatic L-Sealer for your packaging line. These automatic sealers are compact, budget friendly machines which are simple to use and easy to maintain.


Simply place product onto the sealer’s variable speed infeed conveyor belt to start the process. A photo-eye will detect the leading edge of your package as it enters into the sealing area and begin feeding center folded film from the power film unwind. Your product will continue into the sealing area where the trailing edge of the package is detected by the photo eye, triggering the conveyors and film unwind to stop and simultaneously begin the sealing process. At the end of the seal dwell time, the sealing arm completes its cycle and the product discharge conveyor moves your sealed package out of the sealing area to allow for the next cycle to begin.


A variety of available options, sizes and features means there is an ALS automatic L-Sealer ready to package your most challenging or difficult to handle items. Consider this machine for automatic packaging speeds of 15-25 packages per minute depending on product size.

Available Models

ALS2218    ALS2822    ALS3022    ALS4132    ALS4332    ALS5532

Standard Features:

- Waste High Power Film Unwind for Easy Film Loading

- Adjustable Height Inverting Head with Air Assist and Film Lifter

- Hot Knife Sealing System with Digital Temperature Controls

- Digital Time Controls for Seal Time, Bag Length and Film Advance

- Variable Speed Conveyors

- Horizontal and Vertical Photo-Eyes to Detect Incoming Product

- Multi-Perforator Air Evacuation System

- Heavy Duty Locking Casters with Leveling Pads


Optional Features:

- FDA Approved Conveyor Belts

- Mushroom Style Seal Knives with Radius Corner Cutoff

- Print Registration

- Light Curtain Sensor System for Irregular Profiles

- Closing Conveyor for Short Products Under 4” Long

- Adjustable Height Seal Bar Opening

- Reverse Flow Operation

- Custom Color

- Stainless Steel Construction

Download the Belco Industrial Brochure
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