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Curing Tunnel

It's About Time.

When the need for absolute process control is necessary, Belco Curing Tunnels can perform at production rated speeds and expectations. Digital controls monitor tunnel temperature, conveyor belt speed, blower motor speed, air flow and overall time in the heated chamber. Whether you need extended heat soaking time or annealing capabilities, these custom designed machines can significantly improve your quality and throughput.

All Curing / Annealing Tunnels Are 100% Custom And Made To Order!
CT 2210 Curing Tunnel

The CT 2210 Curing Tunnel with Product Cooling Fan is built for larger and taller products.  This machine can also accept heavier loads and still provide curing times of 12 - 15 minutes.

The tunnel features a Watlow digital temperature control which is adjustable from 175 F up to 450 F.

The optional Product Cooling Fan enables an operator to immediately handle the product once it exits the tunnel.

The double reduction gear motor and digital speed control package can be designed to meet a wide variety of curing time requirements.

ST 2210 Curing Tunnel.jpg
Past Curing / Annealing Tunnel Projects
ST 1608HS Dual Chamber Annealing Tunnel.
CT 1608HS Dual Chamber Annealing Tunnel

The CT 1608HS Dual Chamber Annealing Tunnel is designed to operate at a conveyor speed between 4" - 8" per minute.  This 72" long tunnel allows for an annealing time of up to 18 minutes.

Individual Watlow digital temperature controls monitor twin 3-foot heat chambers at temperatures from 210 F up to 350 F.

Process alarms, guide rails, specialty tunnel conveyor belts, infeed or exit conveyors and accumulators are available.

ST 2210 - 192 Curing Tunnel.jpg

The CT 2210-192 Curing Tunnel with Lighted Viewing Windows and individual heat controls for each chamber is for long cure times.

This application called for a design to handle injection molded parts at a high production rate, but also with a curing time in excess of 45 minutes.

A series of 4 heat chambers, each with its own Watlow digital temperature control and air flow are linked together to provide the desired curing time at a low to moderate temperature.

A digital speed control, custom chutes & guides and Teflon mesh conveyor belt system ensure proper handling of the parts.

Lighted Viewing Windows on each chamber provide immediate access to the conveyor while allowing a visual check of the process.

CT 2210-192 Curing Tunnel
RCT Curing Tunnel.jpg

The RCT Curing Tunnel is designed to handle extremely heavy or awkward shapes and products for long curing times of up to 60 minutes.  The compact footprint of the system allows a single operator to load and unload the Rotary Curing Tunnel from integrated work tables.

RCT Curing Tunnel
RCT Curing Tunnel
Compact Rotary Tunnel - For Carbon Fiber
CT Rotary Tunnel

This compact Rotary Tunnel is a tabletop design for tubes, long narrow parts or items that can be fed by hand into the machine.  A digital temperature control and variable speed control regulate the curing time of the part.

The front loading of the part and receiving of the finished item at the base of the machine makes this a great addition to your work cell.

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