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ILS - Impulse Wire

Impulse wire sealing technology has been, and still is, the most popular method for sealing the majority of commercially available shrink films. It is cost effective and works well for manual and semi-automatic operations.

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ILS - Hot Knife

When the demand for precision control of the sealing process is necessary, Hot Knife sealing technology provides exact digital heat control, fast sealing cycle times and repeatable results. Belco offers a seal knife design for all commercially available shrink films,including polyethylene.




These budget friendly Automatic L-sealers come in 6 sizes and are designed to offer the dependable performance and high productivity you require to meet your packaging requirements. Different features and options allow you to operate these sealers as a hand feed replacement to an L-Sealer or increase production speeds and integrate into a fully automatic line utilizing the standard No Product/ No Cycle and Variable Speed Conveyor features.

FEN - 136 PLC.png


This continuous motion automatic side seal wrapper features a No Product / No Cycle photo-eye and is designed to reach production speeds of 60 feet of film or 50 packages per minute. Narrow width products and very long packages can now be wrapped as easily as more traditional sizes for retail or protective packaging needs.



The Merlin is a fully automatic F/F/S wrapper designed and built on a modular frame to form and seal flat film around your product without producing any waste or trim. Four models are available and each will produce the lowest cost per package possible for film wrapping and shrink packaging needs.


Automatic Sealers
STC Edited 1.jpg

STC - Impulse Wire

Belco’s Model STC Sealer-Tunnel Combinations are ruggedly built on a tubular steel all welded frame which means you get reliable performance and great productivity without a lot of issues and maintenance problems. These easy to operate machines are capable of running all commercially available shrink films to give you consistent retail level packages all day long.

STC HK.png

STC - Hot Knife

Belco’s Model STC Sealer-Tunnel Combinations with the Hot Knife Sealing System eliminates the traditional impulse wire used for sealing and cutting the film during the packaging process. Digital controls are used to regulate the sealing temperature and give you reliable performance and greater productivity with even less maintenance than with the wire sealing method. These easy to operate machines are capable of running all commercially available shrink films to give you consistent retail level packages all day long.


BM Standard Almond.png

Blister Sealer

This two station shuttle machine is designed and built on a heavy duty all welded steel frame to resist the forces developed during the sealing cycle. The stationary heat platen has no moving wires to minimize any maintenance requirements. Set your time, temperature and pressure and start producing great looking packages.


Blister Sealers
Maxx5 Top.jpg


The MAXX 5 replaces the manual operations of bag sealing, folding and stapling a header label to a bag to get a retail level quality package. In one smooth motion, hand fed, prefilled bags are labeled, hermetically sealed, hole punched and returned to the operator- all in less than one second.


Bag Top Sealers
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