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Medical Pouch Sealer

Compact Perfection.

Belco Model PM Pouch Sealers are table top machines used for manually heat sealing your medical device into a premade Tyvek/Mylar or foil pouch.  Available in two sizes, the 18” or 24” constant heat sealers produce an industry standard 3/8” wide seal. An optional 1∕4“ or ½” wide seal bar is also available.


Developed for high confidence sealing with exact heat seal process control, Invasive and Implantable Device Manufacturers rely upon this sealer to produce high quality, consistent, sterile barrier heat seals. Your prefilled pouch is placed by the operator into the seal jaw opening.  A foot switch initiates the seal cycle and the preset time, temperature and pressure process  parameters are delivered to the pouch, producting a final heat seal closure. 

Available Models

PM EL 18     PM EL 24     PM PLC 18     PM PLC 24

Standard Features:

- Compact foot print

- Teflon coated constant heat seal bar

- Process temperature alarm prevents machine cycling

- Four zone seal bar temperature monitoring

- Produces a 3/8" wide seal

- Quick release latches allow easy access to seal area

- Time, Temperature and Pressure Verification Ports

- Oiless air pressure system

- Coalescing exhaust filter

- Sealing shelf with product guides

- Convenient electric foot switch operation

- Removable front face guard facilitates easy maintenance of seal area

PM EL 18 alt.jpg


- Watlow micro-processor based digital temperature control with alarm

- Digital seal time control

- Main power switch

- Fully enclosed seal chamber

- Precision air regulator assures accurate process control of the seal pressure

- Digital display provides easy verification of pressure settings

- Machine will not cycle unless at temperature set point

- For sealing invasive or implantable devices

PM PLC edited.png


- PLC Operation

- Color Touch Screen Operator Interface

- Stores and recalls up to 30 pre-programmed recipes

- Seal pressure verification program

- Seal cycle timing begins when the input pressure set point is reached

- System alarms for temperature and pressure disable machine cycling

- Security password protection

- Cycle Stop switch

- For sealing implantable and invasive devices

Download the Belco Medical Sealer Brochure
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