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Industrial Fan Tunnels

Belco shrink tunnels are designed and built to accept a variety of wrapped products of all shapes and sizes. Loosely wrapped products enter into the tunnel and emerge as perfectly finished shrink packages suitable for any retail level outlet or store shelf.

Built on an all welded tubular steel frame, these machines combine production proven components with modern control technology to monitor and regulate the temperature, air flow and time in the tunnel to create repeatable packages all shift long.


Belco uses Watlow microprocessor based temperature controls to maintain precise tunnel temperatures and variable speed fan controls to adjust the air flow to the top and bottom and around the package as it passes through the tunnel. The film gently balloons about the product and then tightly shrinks around the contours of the package. This produces consistent, high quality, uniformly shrink wrapped packages.


By tuning the airflow pattern around your product, Belco shrink tunnels can operate at lower, more energy efficient temperatures, run at faster production rates and make less demands on your work space.


For packaging speeds of 200,000 to 2.5 million packages per year, these Fan Style shrink tunnels are perfect complements for semi-automatic and automatic L-Sealer production lines.

Available Models

Standard Features:

- Watlow microprocessor based digital temperature control

- Variable speed fan controls to regulate air flow

- Variable speed conveyor control

- Independent Heater On/Off switch

- Direct drive conveyor motor

- Fused electrical protection

- Heavy duty locking casters and leveling pads

Optional Features:

- Multiple Conveyor choices

- Lighted Viewing Window

- Extended Tunnel Heights

- Infeed and Exit Conveyor extensions

- Stainless Steel Construction

- 240/480 Volt 3 Phase Power

ST1808     ST2108     ST2108L     ST3010     ST4016     ST6016

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Configurations & Options

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Public voting begins November 20th and ends December 2nd. We are now entering into the public voting process where you are encouraged to share your win with your family, friends, and of course your community and customers. This is a very special moment, and we hope that you are celebrating this milestone, asking for support, and enjoying the process. Share videos, behind the scenes, and tag us to share your business story. Please use your headshot/ semi-finalist badge to promote & use the hashtag #totalmompitch for us to share and cheer you on.

How do I get my headshot for promoting?

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1. Join the FB Group to share your business story, connect with, and vote for one another, please. This is about cheering on the women/moms in Canada who all deserve to be recognized. 2. Introduce yourself and share your business and story and connect on the next level as we are all moms, and we all have a story. Share your struggles, share your needs, and share your passion and impact with us. 3. This is where our judges and advisors will see you shine and know more about you.

When does public voting start?

Public voting begins on November 20th and runs daily until December 2nd, 2020. People can head over to and click the VOTE button which prompts them to register a voting account.

Why do people need to register with their email to vote?

We require voters to register with their email so that we have a fair voting process and that we can ensure each vote is registered to a real email address.

Can I vote for myself?

YES, however, you cannot vote for yourself from the same email used to submit your application. You can however register using a different email address and vote for yourself and the other Top 100.

How often can people vote?

You can vote for as many semi finalists per day as you'd. You can cast one vote per applicant each day until December 2nd, 2020.

What is the Viewer's Choice Award?

The Viewer’s Choice Award will be given to 10 Semi-Finalists who showed an overwhelming amount of support, commitment, and effort to their voting experience. The 10 semi-finalists viewers choice awards will be presented at the finale on March 15th, 2021.

Do the votes take me to the next round for Top 5?

Here is what you need to know. We created the public voting for you to rally your community and the Nation around discovering and supporting you. It is also a chance for you to vote for and support the women in the program with you. Supporting one another is critical for us all to get the visibility we deserve. Voting is not the deciding factor if you make it to the Top 5 or not and is NOT a popularity contest. You do not have to have thousands of social media followers to make it through. In saying all of that, please remember that like all things in life, when you show up, share your story, and network this helps you because the judges, the team, and the nation get to know you better and when we understand and know people, we invest into their story and connect.

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