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Simple.  Efficient.  Cost Effective.

The MAXX 5 Bag Top Sealer-Labeler is designed with the operator in mind. In one smooth motion, hand fed, pre-filled bags are labeled, hermetically sealed, hole punched and returned to the operator – all in less than one second. A new header label is then automatically transferred from the label box to the sealing position, signaling the machine is ready for the next cycle.

The MAXX 5 replaces the manual operations of bag sealing, hand folding and stapling a header label to a bag. The MAXX 5 uses labels that require no heat seal coating while also providing an inexpensive header label for hand-filled and/or pre-filled and sealed bags made on automatic weigh scale systems.

The MAXX 5 is height adjustable to accommodate a variety of operators and work station configurations. The controls are simple to operate, consisting of a main on/off switch, a heater on/off switch and a temperature control. The sealing process is activated through a touch plate located at the lower front of the machine.

The MAXX 5 is built for continuous daily operation, using hardened timing cams, a brushless motor drive, machined seal jaws and a heavy duty stainless steel folding blade.  This engineered machine design uses no clutch or vacuum pump to further eliminate costly maintenance items.


Average production rates are 27-29 packages per minute up to 35 ppm maximum.



Standard Features:

- Produces hermetically sealed bags
- Labels require no heat seal coating
- No perforation or scoring of labels is required
- Accepts a wide range of label sizes
- Serrated style, Teflon Coated Constant Heat Seal Bars
- Watlow digital temperature control provides precise and repeatable sealing temperature
- Standard round hole punch allows for convenient hanging display of product
- No tools required for instant label change-over
- The machine requires no compressed air
- The “Soft Touch” activating plate reduces operator fatigue
- Adjustable elevating feature adjusts the machine to a comfortable working height
- Heavy duty stand with 4-locking casters

Optional Features:

- Inkjet Date Coder


Material Recommendations and Specifications

Below is technical data for the labels and bags that work well for food items such as wrapped and unwrapped candies, trail mixes, nuts and spices. Many other products can also use these materials and be sealed on our MAXX 5 Sealer-Labeler machine.



In general, printed label materials should be 80-100# Chrome Coat or Clay Coat paper stock - basically glossy magazine cover stock. Most of the time the labels are 3.5 to 4.5 mils, but some customers do have heavier labels with the thickest at 5.5 mils. No glues or adhesive coatings should be used in this process and no scoring or perforating of the label is necessary which means most local printers can quickly fulfill your order for cut labels.


The MAXX 5 seals the bag and label through the basics of time, temperature and pressure, hermetically sealing the bag and laminating the label to the plastic. *Any adhesive coating will interfere with the lamination process.



The bag material should be cellophane or biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). We have found that 164 BOPP works well for maintaining freshness with Saran on one side and Acrylic on the other.


Approved Material List for Bags

164 BOPP is a 1.64 mil Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. It has an Acrylic coating on one side and a Saran (PVdc) coating on the opposite side. The Saran adds Oxygen protection, the Acrylic adds a better sealing surface for labels and header cards. This film is also available in a 2.0 mil version. *Note - BOPP and OPP are interchangeable terms.


Seal Jaws
The seal jaws are solid steel, with a cartridge heater in each jaw. The temperature is sensed by a thermocouple and read by a temperature controller, assuring that the temperature will remain stable. The temperature controller will remember the last setting after you turn off the machine.

Drive Motor
The MAXX 5 uses a stepper motor to assure consistent speed and start/stop points. The drive is housed in the main control box and requires no service.


Reinforced Hole Punch

Heat sealed 5/16" diameter hole punch provides a strong, tear resistant, hanging display.

Label Dispensing System
The label dispensing system consists of the label hopper, vacuum cylinder and suction cups. The vacuum cylinder is driven by the main motor. The suction cups are mounted on a traveling bar, pulling the label from the hopper and then releasing them into the label chute to be delivered to the folding plate/seal jaws.

"Soft Touch" Activating Plate

Finger touch operation reduces operator fatigue and promotes safe machine operation.

Inkjet Date Coder

The optional inkjet date coder provides Alpha-Numeric print for date or lot code.  The programmable controller provides a 1/8" high font.

Machine Setup Parameters

A temperature setting of 275-300 degrees works well, although with the thicker labels, one customer is around 350 to 360 degrees.

No other machine settings are necessary.


Sealing Dimensions

8” Wide x 2.25” Deep


Label Sizes

3” to 8” Wide

2.5” to 6” Long


Operating Height

40” – 55”

Download the Belco Industrial Brochure

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