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Since 1959, Belco has been an innovator in the Heat Sealing and Shrink Packaging Equipment industry. After decades of manufacturing durable, reliable and cutting-edge machines, our customers have come to know that Belco machines are built to last. This reputation of innovation evolved into Medical cleanrooms with our Medical Tray Sealers and Pouch Sealers incorporating the high quality and precision the Belco Team has executed over sixty years. We have enthusiastically provided solutions for difficult product containment, taking our customers to the next level in their marketplace. We look forward to solving your packaging challenges.

The Next Generation of Medical Pouch Sealers

The Belco Model PM PC Sealer was specifically developed to heat seal premade Tyvek/Mylar or foil pouches in a clean room environment. These constant-heat, table top sealing machines are available in both an 18” and 24” size to best accommodate your widest pouch.

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Shrink Packaging Has Never Been So Easy

When the best shrink possible is required, even for difficult shapes and sizes or for higher production speeds, Belco shrink tunnels can provide repeatable performance at all speed ranges.

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You’ll profit from the solid advantages of a Belco. 

These ruggedly-built machines provide the framework for greater productivity and less maintenance, which means higher profitability for you. Belco’s durable, heavy-duty, fully-welded tubular steel frames give you dependable performance and consistent results, even after years of hard use.

Simple, Efficient, and Cost Effective

The MAXX 5 Bag Top Sealer-Labeler is designed with the operator in mind. In one smooth motion, hand fed, pre-filled bags are labeled, hermetically sealed, hole punched and returned to the operator – all in less than one second. A new header label is then automatically transferred from the label box to the sealing position, signaling the machine is ready for the next cycle.

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Kindness, Compassion, Respect, and Excellence - Belco is deeply committed to these four great values in honor of the great legacy of (Late President) Michael Misik.


Mike’s inspirational leadership continues to challenge each member of the Belco family to constantly provide the best possible service. For over 50 years, his character and commitment to excellence has blessed the team and clients of Belco.  We aim to continue with that same great commitment to kindness, compassion, respect, and excellence - all in honor of Mike’s legacy.

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