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Belco PM-PC


- 7” Beckhoff Panel PC with tilted user touch screen, embedded Windows 10.


- Easy access VTT verification ports for time, temperature and pressure.


- Data Acquisition support accumulating cycle data and connectivity through accessible Network ports using OPC-UA protocol.

- Ethernet Service network port.


- USB port for optional device interface such as Bar Code Readers.


- Dual Thermocouple temperature control and monitor for Seal Bar heater 200 to 300 degree standard operating range.


- Standard Seal Bar 3/8”, optional 1/2" upon request.


- Dual Thermocouple temperature control and monitor for Optional bottom heater platen 100 to 200 standard operating range.


- Adjustable pouch centering tool to facilitate fast setups and repeatable performance.


- Parallel pouch stop with an adjustable depth of 0.5 to 2.5 “.


- Choice between Foot Switch Cycle Start and Auto Cycle Start, activated when the pouch has been inserted for sealing and the pouch is at the set seal depth and parallel to the parallel pouch stop.


- Dual enclosure design with locking cabinet latches to facilitate quality checks, and maintenance on the lower cabinet and easy access for the electronics section on top.


- Dual back stop to facilitate opening each cabinet to its fullest open position without obstructing other parts of the machine.


- Removable back panel to have access to the cylinder clevis for adjusting operational height of bar.


- Removable front panel to facilitate Seal Bar Maintenance and quality measurements.


- Functional hand hold features as bottom rim of the machine to reduce dirt traps.


- Outside surfaces of the cabinet sections have eliminated visible screws.


- Top Lid, Top and Bottom enclosures utilize piano hinges to reduce dirt traps for clean room operations.


- The power cable ends are standard NEMA5-15P wall socket and C13 (Computer Monitor).

- Power outlet provides a 3A protected service for use by VTT tools in the clean room having a NEMA5-15 power plug.

- Flow control valves for air in and out of the cylinder.


- Air system designed to be operationally sealed without having to purge shop air into the clean room.


- Optional 3 LED warning light and integrated annunciator.


- Modular side panel design that enables multiple configurations with connections to the core electronics to monitor and acquire data.


- Beckhoff Industrial Panel PC and control modules.

- Festo Pneumatic components.

- Air input is filtered down to 5 micron and the Air output is filtered down to .01micron. 


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