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Designed to insure the highest level of consistency and repeatability, Belco’s BM PC controlled and monitored sealers are precision packaging systems designed to produce repeatable, high quality seals for an FDA monitored environment. The open PC architecture provides for real time Package Data Acquisition, monitoring of every cycle for process alarms, reports both machine level and cycle level errors and LAN capability. Standard RFID identification of any seal fixture prior to allowing a cycle to run plus, integration of bar code scanners and vision systems are easily handled thanks to the EtherCAT and Ethernet protocols already integrated into the control system.


-- All New: Single Start Button

- Operator safety has been significantly increased with a front to back “Thru Machine” Light Curtain Technology

- Improved Linear Shuttle performance

- Patented Sealed Tray Ejector System

- All New: Tool Change-Over System

- All New: Improved Cycle Start Time Control

- Enhanced Operator Interface Screens

- Color HMI Multi-Touch Screen

- Windows 10 embedded Process Controller

- Easily accessed Control, Power, and Utility components

- RFID with Barcode tool verification available

- Improved cycle pressure monitoring

- Process Verification of Cycle Time, Temperature, and Pressure


The quality of the Beckhoff control components allow the new BM2030-PC to provide state of the art PC machine functionality.


Beckhoff components allow implementation of open PC-based control systems that are supported by a worldwide engineering and distribution staff.


Control components are optimized for Industry standard EtherCAT high speed Ethernet communication.


Process alarms for time, temperature, and pressure monitoring functions are handled by separate terminals within the system’s EtherCAT network.


Beckhoff’s comprehensive modular I/O system for all signal types and Fieldbus systems capture data for generating reports for machine level errors versus cycle level errors.

System Configuration screen displays the current machine configuration.


System Limits screen displays the upper and lower limits of all system parameters, plus limits are now displayed for each entry in the keyboard window.


The PMMI Technology Excellence Awards returned this September at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2019.  The awards recognize exhibitors’ innovative technology they have developed that has not been shown at a PACK EXPO or Healthcare Packaging EXPO in the previous calendar year.  This year PMMI has selected our all-new 2019 BM2030-PC as the winner of this prestigious award.  

The BM2030 PC is the best Medical Tray Sealer on the market.  We offer features and technologies not seen anywhere else.  PMMI acknowledged this innovation by selecting us as a Finalist, and You, our Business Partners, Customers, Colleagues, and Friends for choosing us as the winner of this award.

Thank You! 


Belco seal fixtures are custom engineered and machined as precision tools to package your medical device components.  They are used to heat seal your thermoformed trays with a Tyvek, laminate or foil lid.


We perform a comprehensive review of your package materials submitted for heat-sealing.

We include sealed tray product ejectors.

We discover initial seal parameters as a starting point for your design-of-experiments work

We provide documentation of the Seal Fixture to keep you ISO-11607 compliant

We have a full maintenance program for the life of the Seal Fixture.

We guarantee the seals.

You receive the Seal Fixture and go straight into seal studies.

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