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BM Blister Sealer

Industrial Blister Sealer

Designed to provide operator confidence using the highest quality components, these capable units are affordably priced for situations where your concerns include both value and budget.


The BM 2020 and BM 3025 blister sealers are available in two machine sizes with sealing platens measuring 20” Wide x 20” Deep and 30” Wide x 25” Deep.


Machine set up and operation is quick and easy. Set the digital Temperature Control and Seal Time for the product to be sealed. Adjust the incoming airline pressure to the proper PSI reading on the provided air gauge.


To begin the packaging process, first place a blister into each seal fixture cavity. Load the product into the blister and then lay down the blister top card.


The two station shuttle drawer design provides for independent and safe operation from either side of the machine. The operator pushes the seal fixture into the machine to close off the sealing chamber and initiate the sealing cycle.


Belco’s BM 2020 uses a single 8” bore cylinder to lift the seal fixture into contact with the stationary heat platen to create the necessary pressure required for a perfect seal. Dual 8” bore cylinders are used on the BM 3025.


After completion of the seal cycle, the operator returns the shuttle drawer back to home position where sealed product can be unloaded and the next packaging cycle can begin.


For double the production output, add an operator to package the same product on each shuttle side. You can also choose to run a different product on each machine side for additional flexibility.


When you need productivity, reliability and repeatable packaging, you can count on Belco model BM Blister Sealers.

Available Models

Optional Features:

- Independent Seal Station Timer

- High Pressure 10” Bore Cylinder/s

- Custom Paint

- Extended Height Sealing Chamber

- Recessed Teflon Coated Top Tool

- Teflon Coated Platen Protector

- Custom Designed Seal Fixtures

BM Standard Almond 2.png

Standard Features:

- Stationary CNC Machined Sealing Platen

- Specially Designed Heater Blanket for Even Heat Transfer

- Fully Enclosed Sealing Chamber

- Two Station Shuttle Drawer Operation

- Watlow Digital Heat Control

- Digital Seal Time Control

- Oiless Air System with Pressure Gauge

- Recessed Controls

- Welded Tubular Steel Frame

- Locking Casters and Leveling Pads

- 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase Power

BM2020     BM3025

Download the Belco Industrial Brochure
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