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ST 2108 - Teflon Mesh Belt.jpg

ST Fan

These budget friendly shrink tunnels use a combination of cal-rod heating elements and adjustable speed fan motors to heat and swirl the air about your package as it travels through the tunnel chamber. A digital temperature control monitors the heat and a variable speed conveyor allows for production speeds in the range of 5-40 ppm depending on the size and shape of your package and the tunnel chosen. These are also called Convection Air Tunnels.

ST 1608 - Rod.jpg

ST Recirculating

When the best shrink possible is required, even for difficult shapes and sizes or for higher production speeds, this Belco shrink tunnel can provide repeatable performance at all speed ranges.

A digital temperature controller monitors the hot air within the tunnel chamber and multiple fin strip heaters and a 1 H.P blower motor create a forced air flow to shrink the film evenly. The air delivery system allows the precise application of hot air directly to the film from all sides and can even pattern the airflow when necessary to achieve the best shrink performance at much lower temperatures than competitive machines.

ST 1608HS - Rod - Smart Tunnel.jpg

ST High-Speed


These dual chamber, extended length shrink tunnels feature digital temperature controls, twin 1-H.P. blower motors, independent air flow controls and the ability to deliver the proper amount of hot air to the top, bottom and both sides of the package as it travels through the tunnel chamber.

Speeds of 40 -150 ppm are typical, even for difficult to shrink packages using today’s thin films. Lower tunnel temperatures and faster production speeds make these the most efficient machines in their class.


RCT Curing Tunnel.jpg

CT Curing Tunnel

When the need for absolute process control is necessary, Belco Curing Tunnels can perform at production rated speeds and expectations. Digital controls monitor tunnel temperature, conveyor belt speed, blower motor air flow and overall time in the heated chamber. Whether you need extended heat soaking times or annealing capabilities, these custom designed machines can significantly improve your quality and throughput.

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