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Affordability Meets Quality

Increased production rates only mean greater productivity if superior quality is achieved. Belco Medical Tray Sealers utilize proven components to provide the highest levels of process control, even at the closest tolerances. Cleanroom production environments benefit from the minimal maintenance, fast tooling setup and repeatability provided by Belco Medical Tray Sealers.


Take a closer look... you’ll see how our precision controls and built-in safety features prevent bad seals and compromised production. For example, the temperature process alarm ensures that sealing only occurs at the proper temperature. It warns the operator of any temperature differential by not allowing the machine to be cycled. Poor seals can’t happen inadvertently. Quite simply, process control is the hallmark of our design philosophy. Our medical tray sealers offer you four levels of sophistication with one unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Belco’s EL Series of Medical Tray Sealers offer great flexibility by providing independent seal time controls for front and rear shuttles. Temperature and Pressure seal parameter settings can be visually confirmed by viewing the convenient eye level mounted digital displays, providing a higher level of process control. Each operator may seal different packages, such as an inner and outer tray, for increased productivity.


BM EL Features

  • Digital Seal Time Controllers with Lockout

  • Eye Level Viewing and access to all controls allows the operator to visually confirm all process parameters.

  • Dedicated Digital PID Controller provides accurate seal platen temperature for the entire sealing cycle.

  • Digital Pressure Display (front and rear) provides eye level operator verification of pressure settings.

  • Precision Air Pressure Regulator assures accurate control of the seal process pressure.

  • Fast Seal Fixture Change Out design allows for no tools required changeover.

  • Rear Shuttle Control Panel with independent time control plus pressure and temperature displays.

  • System Alarms for temperature will disable the machine cycling when out of specified tolerances.



Custom Seal Fixtures

Belco seal fixtures are custom engineered and machined as precision tools to package your medical device components.  They are used to heat seal your thermoformed trays with a Tyvek, laminate or foil lid.

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Extended Height Tray

Extended Height Tray depth pass through clearance


High Pressure Upgrade

High Pressure 10” bore Air Cylinder upgrade.  For applications needing more seal force to accommodate a larger quantity of trays and that seal area.  Provides 40% more process pressure as well as higher seal forces at lower line pressures



Standard On All Machines

  • Class 10,000 Cleanroom Compatible

  • Welded and Powder Coated Tubular Steel Frame

  • Fully Enclosed Stainless Steel Seal Chamber

  • Stationary Aluminum Heat Seal Platen

  • Platen Heat Shroud

  • Temperature Over-limit Safety Circuit

  • Teflon Coated Platen Protector

  • Dual shuttle operation

  • Oiless Air System

  • Coalescing Exhaust Filter

  • Out of Temperature Alarm

  • Verification Ports for Time, Temperature, and Pressure

  • Locking/Non-Marring Casters

  • Comprehensive Documentation / Owners Manual

Machine Options

  • All Stainless Steel Construction

  • Custom Engineering

  • Start-up Supervision and Training

  • Single shuttle operation

  • Spare Teflon coated platen protector

  • Spare parts kit

  • F.A.T. visits for performing installation qualification studies

  • 5” tray depth pass through clearance

  • Custom tray depth pass through clearance

  • VTP calibrated pressure verification tool for IQ/OQ assistance

  • VTT calibrated temperature verification tool for IQ/OQ assistance

  • High pressure 10” air cylinder upgrade

  • High temperature sealing for foil lid stock

  • CE Certification

  • Custom seal fixtures

  • 4-point thermocouple platen temperature monitoring system


Spec Sheet
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