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The Worlds FIRST Large Scale Vertical Side Sealer!

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Revolutionary, Time Saving, Efficient

 The Belco Vertical Side Sealer automatically wraps large products in shrink film and seals them on all four sides. The product remains vertical through the entire wrapping, sealing, and shrinking process to produce a beautiful tight plastic protection around the product. Sensors detect product position and size to automatically adjust the seal position on all sides.

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 Standard On All Machines

• Vertical handling of product from start to finish

• Automatic start when product enters the machine

• Automatically adjusts seal position for height and width of the product

• Product can be loaded in random sizes

• All conveyors are servo driven for smooth and quiet operation

• Position sensors track product and all mechanisms to ensure accurate operation

• Color HMI Multi-Touch screen

• Enhanced operator interface screen to monitor line speed, temperatures, film tension, and seal parameters

• All mechanisms can be independently jogged 

• Tunnel oven has 12 heaters that are independently controlled to optimize film shrink quality.

• Ethernet ports available for network communications

• Machine is recipe driven with unlimited number of recipes

• Individual user privileges can be set up for five different levels of operators

• Data stored for all recipes, user activity, error log, and operational settings

• Auto Scrap Removal

• Film Tension Controls

• Optional remote access to machine for program updates and troubleshooting

• Optional cameras to observe machine operation remotely


Automatic Start and Stop

•The Loading conveyor has the option to start automatically when product arrives or can be initiated by the operator. 

•Consecutive products will be automatically gapped before the sealer. 

•Machine will wrap, seal, and shrink film around product one at a time, or consecutively. 

•Conveyors turn off when no more product enters the machine and after last product exits the oven. 

•Machine goes into standby mode (heaters off) when no product enters at user defined time period. 

Automatic Package Size Detection 

•Sensors automatically detect height and width of product and sealers adjust accordingly. 

•Product can be loaded into machine in random sizes. 

•Even irregular shapes can also be sealed. 

•All sizes and shapes remain in vertical orientation throughout the sealing and shrink processes. 

•The top sealer seals two sheets of plastic film together, cuts and removes excess film automatically. 

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PC Control System

•PC control system uses Windows environment familiar to most operators and maintenance personnel. 

•Enhanced operator interface displays all key machine variables and sensor states. 

•User defined variables are easy to change on the fly for bag size seal, temperatures, conveyor speeds, and film tension. 

•All devices can be jogged independently while in maintenance mode. 

•Windows-based architecture can easily accommodate custom features like remote access and observation cameras. 

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Spec Sheet
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