BM2030 PC Sealer Machine Improvements

  • Single start button

    • One hand Start button to start cycle, to Home shuttle, or activate utility options

    • Light indicators: green, yellow or red on each start button displays machine condition

    • Operation is left hand or right hand without changing setup, switch on each side

  • Safety light curtains

    • Protects operator during shuttle motion into and out of the sealing chamber

    • Prevents shuttle motion if sealed tray is not released from platen after cycling

  • E-stop locations are easy to reach with either hand or knee, one on each operator side

  • Improved linear shuttle performance

    • Dual actuators drive both sides of the shuttle simultaneously

    • No lubrication required for 500K cycles

    • Operating speed up to 1 m/sec (39 in/sec), 2x the current system at 17.8 in/sec

    • Actuator noise reduction of 15dB compared to current and legacy actuator systems

    • Not susceptible to ESD built up on shuttle drawer

    • Actuator is easily replaced with self-alignment features for ease of service

  • Improved ejector system

    • Simplified assembly with fewer parts with a focus on ease of service

    • No lubrication required compared to current model design

    • Servo controlled up to 15 in/sec, 6x the current system at 2.5 in/sec

    • User defined ejector speed, previously fixed

    • Auto tool lift utility for easy seal fixture changeover

  • Tool fixture position sensor added to improve cycle time repeatability

    • More accurate cycle start time than using a pressure transducer

    • Greater cycle time repeatability, independent of tool weight or operating pressure

  • Enhanced operator interface screens

    • Added indicator lights and messages for safety light curtain and start switch states

    • Added System Configuration screen detailing machine build options

    • Added System Limits screen to display Min/Max limits for all monitored functions

    • Ability to reset all errors from HMI screen, no rebooting required

    • General machine error capture and reporting (only Cycle errors were captured previously)

    • Ability to shutdown the system from within the app (appropriate privilege required)

    • Ability to change the system time/date from within the application

    • Delay time between cycles can be set within a recipe (or system-wide as it was previously)

    • Added display of unadjusted values of Control, Monitor and heater Safety temperature sensors

    • Temperature and Pressure Utility offset values can be reset with one button

    • Export and Delete functions have been added to the report menu

    • User defined serial number/asset number to allow universal software version

    • User selectable utility shuttle speeds up to 5 in/sec

  • Color HMI includes PC and RAM to simplify communications and reduce components

  • Windows 10 embedded process controller, previously Windows 7

  • Faster boot up time over current machines, 1.1 minutes versus 2.2 minutes

  • Control and power components built on a single panel and easily accessed for service

  • High Frequency RFID tag is installed on the side of the seal fixture instead of below the tool for improved communication

  • Higher accuracy pressure transducer for improved cycle pressure monitoring

  • Optional configuration allows for 20x20 legacy tools to be run and machine can automatically switch to read legacy as well as new RFID tags

  • Dual 8-inch bore cylinders are better matched to seal current production trays based on seal surface areas

  • Stainless Steel frame was redesigned to reduce deflection under maximum loads

  • Five quick access panels with dual latches replace legacy panels with screws

  • Panel screws have been minimized for quick and easy machine access and to clean surfaces

  • 120V auxiliary power output located on the Utility panel for powering VTT test tools

  • Heavier duty castors allow the machine to be moved over uneven floors and thresholds

  • Incoming power monitoring of utilities to improve the heating system control

  • Optional remote access capability is available


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