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For Tom.

We lost Tom on August 23rd, 2020.  

His smile was infectious, his genius knew no ends, and his fashion style was. . . completely Tom.  He was a husband to Cindy, a father to Montana, Dakota, and Indiana, a leader, a mentor, an innovator, and a friend to all that met him.  

Tom made an impact on many people.  And by you clicking the link to read this page says he probably made a difference to you too.  This was such an unexpected loss, it caught everyone, especially his family, off guard.  

Your love and support would really mean a lot to the family.  Here are a few ways you can contact them.

You can contact the family through Dakota Volby at 626-720-3170.


Mailing Address is:

3245 Hermanos Street

Pasadena, CA 91107

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to honor Tom by completing one of his dreams.  (See Below)


Want to help the family finish one of Tom's dreams?

Tom has always loved his 72 Chevy pick-up truck.  It was originally his fathers and later became Tom's only means of transportation. Tom put this truck to great use, such as piling many friends in the back for rides to the trail heads in Pasadena. It was also a favored source of furniture transportation for all his friends to help them move over the years.

By the time Tom met Cindy in 1992, he was still driving his truck.  Over the years he replaced the engine more than once along with endless other parts.  It was not uncommon to see wrenches used for knobs and such.  He was always quite inventive in his "repairs".

One time while pulling his boat up to Lake Paris, he and his buddy Carl were filling it with gas without turning off the engine because he was having trouble with the starter.  While Carl was filling the tank, he sarcastically said he couldn't get gas in the tank fast enough because the truck guzzled it like it was water.  This wasn't the first and definitely wouldn't be the last time the poor old truck would be picked on at Tom's expense, but he wouldn't have changed it for anything.

As the years went by while Tom concentrated on family life, it sat in the Belco parking lot waiting for the attention it deserved.  Tom spoke frequently about plans to refurbish his endeared 72 Chevy truck. As recently as April this year, he bought another engine which is still sitting in the family garage awaiting its new home under the hood of this soon to be beauty.

His children look forward to the day they can see this truck in all its glory and drive down Colorado Boulevard as their father did so many times.

If you would like to be part of this refurbishment project, even contributing enough for a door handle or windshield wiper will bring his family that much closer to achieving the goal of seeing Tom's beloved vehicle brought back to life.

They look forward to Tom looking down with that great big smile of his and a tear in his eye, proud of his children's love for him and all that made him the great man he has always been.

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