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  • Belco Packaging Systems | Monrovia CaliforniaBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    WELCOME TO Since 1959, Belco has been an innovator in the Heat Sealing and Shrink Packaging Equipment industry. After decades of manufacturing durable, reliable and cutting-edge machines, our customers have come to know that Belco machines are built to last. This reputation of innovation evolved into Medical cleanrooms with our Medical Tray Sealers and Pouch Sealers incorporating the high q ual ity and precision the Belco Team has executed over sixty years. We have enthusiastically provided solutions for difficult product containment, taking our customers to the next level in their marketplace. We look forward to solving your packaging challenges. The Next Generation of Medical Pouch Sealers ​ The Belco Model PM PC Sealer was specifically developed to heat s eal premade Tyvek/Mylar or foil pouches in a clean room environment. These constant-heat, table top sealing machines are available in both an 18” and 24” size to best accommodate your widest pouch. ​ Learn More Shrink Packaging Has Never Been So Easy ​ When the best shrink possible is required, even for difficult shapes and sizes or for higher production speeds, Belco shrink tunnels can provide repeatable performance at all speed ranges. Learn More Custom: SIZES MADE IN CALIFORNIA OVER 60 YEARS OF CUSTOM PACKAGING SOLUTIONS NO IFS, ANDS, OR BOLTS You’ll profit from the solid advantages of a Belco. These ruggedly-built machines provide the framework for greater productivity and less maintenance, which means higher profitability for you. Belco’s durable, heavy-duty, fully-welded tubular steel frames give you dependable performance and consistent results, even after years of hard use. Simple, Efficient, and Cost Effective The MAXX 5 Bag Top Sealer-Labeler is designed with the operator in mind. In one smooth motion, hand fed, pre-filled bags are labeled, hermetically s ealed, hole punched and returned to the operator – all in less than one second. A new header label is then automatically transferred from the label box to the sealing position, signaling the machine is ready for the next cycle. Learn More MERLIN LEARN MORE Kindness, Compassion, Respect, and Excellence - Belco is deeply committed to these four great values in honor of the great legacy of (Late President) Michael Misik. Mike’s inspirational leadership continues to challenge each member of the Belco family to constantly provide the best possible service. For over 50 years, his character and commitment to excellence has blessed the team and clients of Belco. We aim to continue with that same great commitment to kindness, compassion, respect, and excellence - all in honor of Mike’s legacy.

  • VSS | Vertical Side Sealer | Belco PackagingBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    INTRODUCING: The 2023 Belco VSS The Worlds FIRST Large Scal e Vertical Side Sealer! Revolutionary, Time Saving, Efficient The Belco Vertical Side Sealer automatically wraps large products in shrink film and seals them on all four sides. The product remains vertical through the entire wrapping, sealing, and shrinking process to produce a beautiful tight plastic protection around the product. Sensors detect product position and size to automatically adjust the seal position on all sides. Standard On All Machines • Vertical handling of product from start to finish • Automatic start when product enters the machine • Automatically adjusts seal position for height and width of the product • Product can be loaded in random sizes • All conveyors are servo driven for smooth and quiet operation • Position sensors track product and all mechanisms to ensure accurate operation • Color HMI Multi-Touch screen • Enhanced operator interface screen to monitor line speed, temperatures, film tension, and seal parameters • All mechanisms can be independently jogged • Tunnel oven has 12 heaters that are independently controlled to optimize film shrink quality. • Ethernet ports available for network communications • Machine is recipe driven with unlimited number of recipes • Individual user privileges can be set up for five different levels of operators • Data stored for all recipes, user activity, error log, and operational settings • Auto Scrap Removal • Film Tension Controls • Optional remote access to machine for program updates and troubleshooting • Optional cameras to observe machine operation remotely POPULAR FEATURES Automatic Start and Stop •The Loading conveyor has the option to start automatically when product arrives or can be initiated by the operator. •Consecutive products will be automatically gapped before the sealer. •Machine will wrap, seal, and shrink film around product one at a time, or consecutively. •Conveyors turn off when no more product enters the machine and after last product exits the oven. •Machine goes into standby mode (heaters off) when no product enters at user defined time period. Automatic Package Size Detection •Sensors automatically detect height and width of product and sealers adjust accordingly. •Product can be loaded into machine in random sizes. •Even irregular shapes can also be sealed. •All sizes and shapes remain in vertical orientation throughout the sealing and shrink processes. •The top sealer seals two sheets of plastic film together, cuts and removes excess film automatically. PC Control System •PC control system uses Windows environment familiar to most operators and maintenance personnel. •Enhanced operator interface displays all key machine variables and sensor states. •User defined variables are easy to change on the fly for bag size seal, temperatures, conveyor speeds, and film tension. •All devices can be jogged independently while in maintenance mode. •Windows-based architecture can easily accommodate custom features like remote access and observation cameras. Did you know you can finance your Belco? Learn More YOUR SOLUTION IS WAITING START YOUR QUOTE TODAY FILES TO DOWNLOAD VSS Spec Sheet You May Also Be Interested in These. . . Learn More Custom Seal Fixtures Learn More Test Tools Learn More Medical Pouch Sealer

  • BM EL | Medical Tray Sealer | Belco PackagingBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    Affordability Meets Quality Increased production rates only mean greater productivity if superior quality is achieved. Belco Medical Tray Sealers utilize proven components to provide the highest levels of process control, even at the closest tolerances. Cleanroom production environments benefit from the minimal maintenance, fast tooling setup and repeatability provided by Belco Medical Tray Sealers. Take a closer look... you’ll see how our precision controls and built-in safety features prevent bad seals and compromised production. For example, the temperature process alarm ensures that sealing only occurs at the proper temperature. It warns the operator of any temperature differential by not allowing the machine to be cycled. Poor seals can’t happen inadvertently. Quite simply, process control is the hallmark of our design philosophy. Our medical tray sealers offer you four levels of sophistication with one unwavering commitment to excellence. Did you know you can finance your Belco? Learn More Belco’s EL Series of Medical Tray Sealers offer great flexibility by providing independent seal time controls for front and rear shuttles. Temperature and Pressure seal parameter settings can be visually confirmed by viewing the convenient eye level mounted digital displays, providing a higher level of process control. Each operator may seal different packages, such as an inner and outer tray, for increased productivity. BM EL Features Digital Seal Time Controllers with Lockout Eye Level Viewing and access to all controls allows the operator to visually confirm all process parameters. Dedicated Digital PID Controller provides accurate seal platen temperature for the entire sealing cycle. Digital Pressure Display (front and rear) provides eye level operator verification of pressure settings. Precision Air Pressure Regulator assures accurate control of the seal process pressure. Fast Seal Fixture Change Out design allows for no tools required changeover. Rear Shuttle Control Panel with independent time control plus pressure and temperature displays. System Alarms for temperature will disable the machine cycling when out of specified tolerances. POPULAR OPTIONS Custom Seal Fixtures Belco seal fixtures are custom engineered and machined as precision tools to package your medical device components. They are used to heat seal your thermoformed trays with a Tyvek, laminate or foil lid. Extended Height Tray Extended Height Tray depth pass through clearance High Pressure Upgrade High Pressure 10” bore Air Cylinder upgrade. For applications needing more seal force to accommodate a larger quantity of trays and that seal area. Provides 40% more process pressure as well as higher seal forces at lower line pressures YOUR SOLUTION IS WAITING START YOUR QUOTE TODAY Standard On All Machines Class 10,000 Cleanroom Compatible Welded and Powder Coated Tubular Steel Frame Fully Enclosed Stainless Steel Seal Chamber Stationary Aluminum Heat Seal Platen Platen Heat Shroud Temperature Over-limit Safety Circuit Teflon Coated Platen Protector Dual shuttle operation Oiless Air System Coalescing Exhaust Filter Out of Temperature Alarm Verification Ports for Time, Temperature, and Pressure Locking/Non-Marring Casters Comprehensive Documentation / Owners Manual Machine Options All Stainless Steel Construction Custom Engineering Start-up Supervision and Training Single shuttle operation Spare Teflon coated platen protector Spare parts kit F.A.T. visits for performing installation qualification studies 5” tray depth pass through clearance Custom tray depth pass through clearance VTP calibrated pressure verification tool for IQ/OQ assistance VTT calibrated temperature verification tool for IQ/OQ assistance High pressure 10” air cylinder upgrade High temperature sealing for foil lid stock CE Certification Custom seal fixtures 4-point thermocouple platen temperature monitoring system FILES TO DOWNLOAD BM EL Spec Sheet You May Also Be Interested in These. . . Learn More Custom Seal Fixtures Learn More Test Tools Learn More Medical Pouch Sealer

  • Upcoming Trade Shows | Belco PackagingBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    PACK EXPO September 11-13, 2023 Booth # 4900 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV MD&M West February 6-8, 2024 Booth # 1938 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA We'll See You There!

  • Conveyor | Belco Packaging | Made in CaliforniaBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    Conveyor It All Comes Back Around Belco's 180 degree conveyor optimizes your productivity by allowing your machine operator to both wrap and then box the finished package... all from one work station. Where space requirements are an issue, the 180 degree conveyor solves your problem by maximizing your productivity in a minimum amount of working space. ​ The 180 degree tight radius conveyor comes with a 3’ straight roller conveyor or a 5’ straight roller section to better match where product handling is easiest for your operator. ​ Built in both a right hand or left hand configuration, these conveyors are available with a powder coat painted finish, stainless steel or with the optional washdown stainless steel package. Available Models 180 Conveyors 3' Straight Conveyors 5' Straight Conveyors Standard Features: - 1" Diameter Plastic Rollers - Rollers on 1.5" Centers - Roller Width 15" - Adjustable Height Infeed - Powder Coat Paint Finish - 9.75" Inside Radius (on 180 model) - Compact Footprint Optional Features: - 3' or 5' Return - Reverse Flow - Stainless Steel Download the Belco Industrial Brochure You May Also Be Interested in These. . . Learn More MAXX-5 Learn More Rotary Tables Learn More ST Fan Want More Information? MORE INFO GET A QUOTE

  • Curing Tunnel | AnnealingTunnel | Belco PackagingBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    Curing Tunnel It's About Time. When the need for absolute process control is necessary, Belco Curing Tunnels can perform at production rated speeds and expectations. Digital controls monitor tunnel temperature, conveyor belt speed, blower motor speed, air flow and overall time in the heated chamber. Whether you need extended heat soaking time or annealing capabilities, these custom designed machines can significantly improve your quality and throughput. ​ All Curing / Annealing Tunnels Are 100% Custom And Made To Order! CT 2210 Curing Tunnel The CT 2210 Curing Tunnel with Product Cooling Fan is built for larger and taller products. This machine can also accept heavier loads and still provide curing times of 12 - 15 minutes. ​ The tunnel features a Watlow digital temperature control which is adjustable from 175 F up to 450 F. ​ The optional Product Cooling Fan enables an operator to immediately handle the product once it exits the tunnel. ​ The double reduction gear motor and digital speed control package can be designed to meet a wide variety of curing time requirements. Past Curing / Annealing Tunnel Projects CT 1608HS Dual Chamber Annealing Tunnel The CT 1608HS Dual Chamber Annealing Tunnel is designed to operate at a conveyor speed between 4" - 8" per minute. This 72" long tunnel allows for an annealing time of up to 18 minutes. ​ Individual Watlow digital temperature controls monitor twin 3-foot heat chambers at temperatures from 210 F up to 350 F. ​ Process alarms, guide rails, specialty tunnel conveyor belts, infeed or exit conveyors and accumulators are available. The CT 2210-192 Curing Tunnel with Lighted Viewing Windows and individual heat controls for each chamber is for long cure times. ​ This application called for a design to handle injection molded parts at a high production rate, but also with a curing time in excess of 45 minutes. ​ A series of 4 heat chambers, each with its own Watlow digital temperature control and air flow are linked together to provide the desired curing time at a low to moderate temperature. ​ A digital speed control, custom chutes & guides and Teflon mesh conveyor belt system ensure proper handling of the parts. ​ Lighted Viewing Windows on each chamber provide immediate access to the conveyor while allowing a visual check of the process. CT 2210-192 Curing Tunnel The RCT Curing Tunnel is designed to handle extremely heavy or awkward shapes and products for long curing times of up to 60 minutes. The compact footprint of the system allows a single operator to load and unload the Rotary Curing Tunnel from integrated work tables. RCT Curing Tunnel RCT Curing Tunnel CT Rotary Tunnel This compact Rotary Tunnel is a tabletop design for tubes, long narrow parts or items that can be fed by hand into the machine. A digital temperature control and variable speed control regulate the curing time of the part. ​ The front loading of the part and receiving of the finished item at the base of the machine makes this a great addition to your work cell. Download the 2019 Belco Industrial Brochure Need a custom Curing Tunnel? We are here to serve. Tell Us About Your Project You May Also Be Interested in These. . . Learn More 180 Conveyor Learn More Rotary Tables Learn More ALS Want More Information? MORE INFO GET A QUOTE

  • ST Fan Shrink Tunnel | Belco PackagingBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    ST Fan Industrial Fan Tunnels Belco shrink tunnels are designed and built to accept a variety of wrapped products of all shapes and sizes. Loosely wrapped products enter into the tunnel and emerge as perfectly finished shrink packages suitable for any retail level outlet or store shelf. ​ Built on an all welded tubular steel frame, these machines combine production proven components with modern control technology to monitor and regulate the temperature, air flow and time in the tunnel to create repeatable packages all shift long. Belco uses Watlow microprocessor based temperature controls to maintain precise tunnel temperatures and variable speed fan controls to adjust the air flow to the top and bottom and around the package as it passes through the tunnel. The film gently balloons about the product and then tightly shrinks around the contours of the package. This produces consistent, high quality, uniformly shrink wrapped packages. By tuning the airflow pattern around your product, Belco shrink tunnels can operate at lower, more energy efficient temperatures, run at faster production rates and make less demands on your work space. For packaging speeds of 200,000 to 2.5 million packages per year, these Fan Style shrink tunnels are perfect complements for semi-automatic and automatic L-Sealer production lines. Available Models Standard Features: - Watlow microprocessor based digital temperature control - Variable speed fan controls to regulate air flow - Variable speed conveyor control - Independent Heater On/Off switch - Direct drive conveyor motor - Fused electrical protection - Heavy duty locking casters and leveling pads Optional Features: - Multiple Conveyor choices - Lighted Viewing Window - Extended Tunnel Heights - Infeed and Exit Conveyor extensions - Stainless Steel Construction - 240/480 Volt 3 Phase Power ST1808 ST2108 ST2108L ST3010 ST4016 ST6016 Download the Belco Industrial Brochure Go To ST Recirculating Tunnels Go to ST High-Speed Recirculating Tunnels You May Also Be Interested in These. . . Learn More 180 Conveyor Learn More Rotary Tables Learn More ALS Want More Information? MORE INFO GET A QUOTE

  • STC Impulse Wire | Sealer/Tunnel Combination | Belco PackagingBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    STC Impulse Wire Sealer / Tunnel Combination The Belco STC is an excellent value for a complete shrink packaging system with an L-Sealer and Fan Style Shrink Tunnel built onto one compact frame. This system delivers all the packaging performance you would expect from separate components. The welded box construction of the seal head prevents any flexing or misalignment to the sealing base during the constant, daily use of the machine. This unique construction contributes to consistently strong seals, long element wire life and years of trouble free performance. ​ The Fan Style Shrink Tunnel features a micro-processor based digital temperature control, adjustable speed fan controls for top and bottom air flow and a variable speed conveyor to give you the ability to perfectly shrink your products. Multiple shift operation and years of trouble free production can be expected from these machines. Available in two popular sizes with all the standard options, these machines can easily handle production speeds up to 20 packages per minute or more depending on your package size and shape. Available Models STC2016 STC2520 Standard Features: - Welded Tubular Steel Frame - Impulse and Constant Heat Sealing - Sealing Wire Sensor to Prevent Overheating - Adjustable Tilt Table/Conveyor - Digital Tunnel Temperature Control - Adjustable Fan Speed Controls - Variable Speed Tunnel Conveyor - Lighted Viewing Window (STC 2520) - Heavy Duty Locking Casters and Leveling Pads ​ Optional Features: - Multiple Tunnel Conveyor Choices - Magna-Lock Sealing System - Air Operated Sealing System - Product Take-Away Conveyor - Powered Film Unwind - Inverting Heads - Multi-perforator Hole Punches - Lighted Viewing Window (STC2016) - 240/480 Volt 3 Phase Power Download the Belco Industrial Brochure Want More Information on a HOT KNIFE machine? Click Here! You May Also Be Interested in These. . . Learn More 180 Conveyor Learn More Rotary Tables Learn More ALS Want More Information? MORE INFO GET A QUOTE

  • NOW HIRING - Seal Fixture Design EngineerBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    NOW HIRING Shipping / Receiving Clerk Job Position/Title: Shipping/Receiving Assistant Reports to: Operations Manager Status: Non-Exempt Purpose To perform daily shipping & receiving tasks, Inventory control duties in support of the stockroom, crate finished goods, deliver and pickup machines/parts as needed, and general warehouse-service yard maintenance. Responsibilities Receives incoming deliveries, including product returns and samples Performs basic visual inspection on all received items, identifies questionable condition of packages, components, raw materials for potential damage Matches items received from packing slip to open PO, performs physical count on all materials received, acknowledges receipt or discrepancies per SOP Communicates via email on received sampling, RMA’s as required Crates or packages all materials or finished goods for shipping Use UPS and FEDEX shipping software for purpose of shipping, tracking, filing product claims and identifying shipping costs Document all Freight damages for potential freight claims, coordinate with appropriate departments for assistance Provide shipping freight quotes for Sales & Customer Service, able to coordinate shipping requirements with freight and carrier companies, and generate all necessary shipping documentation for purpose of product shipping Daily Assignment Duties Coordinate daily shipping needs for all product shipments Provide freight tracking and delivery follow-up needs for Sales, Customer Service & Purchasing Provide competitive transportation price quotes when requested by Sales and/or Management Process all signed & received materials daily. Includes counting items received, matching items and quantities to open PO, identifying incorrect items & counts, advising Purchasing (same day) of discrepancy Re-package all materials or components to be returned as instructed by Purchasing, Customer Service or Management Identify & distribute received materials to appropriate departments Crate & package all finished goods for shipment Coordinate documentation requirements for all finished goods with Customer Service or Parts Assist as requested in support of material handling, stockroom, assembly, and fabrication departments Monthly Duties All raw wood to be neatly stacked and organized in a safe manner All pre-assembled crates to be neatly organized for ease of access Provide purchasing with crating and packaging supply inventory for re-order review Advise Operations Manager when recyclable materials are ready to be picked up Perform scheduled vehicle maintenance requirements, coordinate repairs or service requests in advance of maintenance schedule Wash all company vehicles for monthly, including the cleaning of the interior cabs Perform regular yard maintenance, including, trash and sweeping, tarp all wood materials and protect selected materials as requested Maintain safe working and operating conditions in yard and related access areas, including all warehouse areas, offices, aisles, and stairwells located in warehouse Maintain all company forklifts for best running performance according to scheduled and preventative maintenance requirements Coordinate with Purchasing according to maintenance and calibration schedules for counting scales, weight scales, portable & roll around ladders and manual pallet jacks ​ Qualifications 2-3 years of hands-on shipping and receiving experience Solid math skills, basic adding, subtracting, and use of tape measure Hands on experience performing daily data entry Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision Solid communication skills for both oral & written in English, Spanish bi-lingual as a second language would be a plus Must have forklift operating experience certification Have experience in product packaging, including crating Must possess valid California driver's license, no violations within last 3 years Safety conscious at all times, conforms to the Belco safety requirements and regulations Physical Requirements Able to lift fifty pounds with minimal effort Position will require individual to sit at desk and perform daily data entry duties Position will require individual to stand for prolonged periods of time packaging finished goods, assembling shipping crates, performing packaging tasks kitting and basic stockroom-warehouse organizational tasks Position will require individual be able to navigate (walk) facility upstairs and downstairs with minimal physical effort Job description duties and requirements subject to change Apply Now!

  • Equipment Financing | Belco Packaging Belco PackagingBelco Packaging For 60 years, Belco has been an industry leader for Industrial Shrink Packaging Equipment and Medical Tray and Pouch Sealers.

    Equipment Financing Equipment Financing Done Right TANDEM FINANCE is a market leader in providing small and medium sized businesses of ALL CREDIT PROFILES with the capital they need to expand and grow. ABOUT We are pleased to offer financing for your commercial equipment needs for immediate equipment acquisition up to $250,000. Application for all credit profiles are approved within hours and can provide all the documents necessary to complete the financing digitally, in minutes. Apply Online – Simple & Secure Process Approval Within Hours E-Docs by Email for Electronic Signature Most Equipment and Software Types All credit profiles considered Competitive pricing ADVANTAGES OF FINANCING Preserve Cash: Hold on to more of your hard-earned cash for use in other parts of the business Tax Savings: Save money at tax time, with special tax deductions for equipment Flexible Payment Options: Deferred payment options - including seasonal, quarterly, and skip payments - are available Up to $250,000: Get the money you need to finance or lease new or pre-owned business equipment Operational Efficiencies: Improve efficiency with new equipment, and without a large outlay of money Get Financed Now!

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