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Seal Fixture Design Engineer

Job Position/Title: Seal Fixture Design Engineer


Reports to: Operations & Engineering Manager

Status: Exempt


Position Overview

Develop seal fixture design and assembly team, primary designer of fixture tooling & development engineering, perform day to day customer service and support, assist in component production & tooling assembly, works closely with Purchasing & Inventory Control for material requirements. Provides Sales support in customer service & client training and technical assistance. As member of the Engineering department follows drafting design, document control and SOP requirements and will perform assignments when scheduled by Engineering Manager.


Daily assignment duties:

  • Review all emails, faxed and individually submitted inquiries, voicemail messages and general communications

  • Provide timely communication replies using email, fax or by direct communication (phone or in-person) on all daily, scheduled inquiries, projects and tasks

  • Review submitted drawings, documentation and sampling for purpose of critical design requirements prior to committing project to scheduled seal fixture (SF) tooling design

  • Communicate  to both clients & appropriate personnel on design project changes, requirements, recommendations prior to, during and through first article (FA) testing  

  • Coordinate task assignments for SF design, customer service, production & processing, SF assembly and FA testing per schedule

  • Review SF material requisitions, order requirements, approve and /or edit material requisitions, request supportive material and service RFQ’s and Purchase Order support from Purchasing

  • Attend all scheduled meetings as scheduled or as required

  • Provide Engineering product (machine design) support when assigned or as directed

  • Maintain accurate and up to date Project and Task list on shared drive

  • Maintain and organize all hard copy records, document filing system, pending projects in neat, organized manner for ease of access by management

  • Maintain office /work center in clean & organized manner

  • Enter Bill of Material and Labor for each project onto Genius ERP


Seal Fixture Design & Engineering Responsibilities

  • Review customer supplied drawings, samples, identify functional & dimensional properties to support Belco SF product performance and meet SF requirements

  • documentation as part of the SF design and support process

  • Conduct training and SF performance testing using FAT room for in house customer demonstrations as well as FA evaluations

  • Maintain FAT room  

  • Coordinate SF design review with assigned ME personnel, review, edit and coach support personnel for effective SF design and functional assembly and testing

  • Participate in scheduled performance meetings with SF team and OPS Mgr. and Sales

  • Participate with support personnel in customer service best practices;

    • Which includes effective written and verbal communication, using designed support documentation letters, test documents, forms and other media

  • Documentation

    • Follow the development of document control system for drawings, designs and support manuals.

    • Collaborate in support of providing necessary information for manuals and documentation needs for manufacturing is accurate and complete.  Control and protect all Belco proprietary information. 

    • Implement drawing and documentation review process to include manuals, revisions and customer support information for completeness and accuracy using SolidWorks suite of products, ACT, Microsoft Office, Genius and other software related documentation & storage systems

    • Oversee the process for capturing Bill of Material costs for all Seal Fixture manufactured products.  Ensure labor, material and outsourcing costs are recorded for BOM.  Work with accounting department to report all BOM costs for project cost analysis by using Genius ERP.

  • Safety – Provide a safe work environment including a workforce which appreciates the importance of safe operations and regularly acts to reduce or eliminate the causes of accidents. Ability to balance and achieve positive results in the areas of safety, quality, productivity, cost and employee relations


  • Quality control – Ensure manufactured and assembled SF tooling meet Belco quality standards.  Continuous effort to improve quality control as necessary


  • Engineering

    • Responsible for the design, development and testing of seal fixture components and tooling projects as assigned

    • Develop conceptual and detailed designs by analyzing or creating tooling specifications, performance requirements and reviewing existing manufacturing capability

    • Recommend process or design improvements where they would reduce cost or improve overall quality

    • Review specifications, interpret Solidworks, CAD drawings, and determine fabrication requirements for each component and assembly 

    • Communicate with customer’s engineering department and purchasing teams

    • Schedule, coordinate and direct assigned engineering projects, work flow and job orders

    • Deliver On-Time performance through continuous process improvements

    • Assist in training of employees and customers as necessary to grow business

    • Participate in development and documentation of manufacturing standards and procedures with Operations Manager

    • Create detailed plans to accomplish goals and the integration of technical activities

    • Perform administrative functions such as reviewing and writing reports, enforcing process and procedure and making decisions about the purchase of materials or services



  • Communication Requirements

    • SFD will conduct the roles position and responsibilities in a professional, positive-supportive collaborative manner with all clients, suppliers and company personnel

    • SFD as an active participant in the scheduling & planning documentation, accountable for individual  tasks and assignments accuracy and daily maintenance

    • SFD will be required to maintain accurate communication records, which will include faxes, email history, support documentation, drawings as well as samples, photo documentation per project

    • SFD must be able to effectively communicate requirements, status, issues and recommendations with customers, suppliers, support personnel and management

    • SFD to create and generate clear RFQ & requisition requirements which outline material and company requirements

    • Coordinator will maintain strict confidentiality regarding all business strategies, costs, program and product development as well as financial and personnel information


Additional duties - when required or assigned

  • Assists Accounting on BOM assembly & costing

  • Assists Purchasing in vendor sourcing, component-material-service RFQ’s

  • Assists Shipping on material handling and shipping documentation requirements

  • Assists Operations on assigned projects and tasks

  • Customer Service/Sales support travel may be required




  • Required engineering experience minimum of five years, preferably in a job shop environment

  • Educational requirements two year degree or minimum college class participation equivalent of two years 

  • Have excellent math skills

  • Possess excellent communication skills, written & verbal

  • Must possess proficient skills with Solidworks Drafting, Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word

  • Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Must possess valid California driver's license, no violations within last 3 years

  • Safety conscious at all times, conforms to the Belco safety requirements and regulations

  • Familiar with ANSIY14.SM standard and experience working with GD&T


Physical Requirements:

  • Position will require individual to sit at desk for prolonged periods and perform daily design and data entry and customer service communication duties

  • Position will require individual to stand for prolonged periods of time when conducting first article testing, FAT – Customer Test Support, performing physical inventories and performing product assembly builds

  • Position will require individual be able to navigate (walk) facility upstairs and downstairs with minimal physical effort




Job description duties and requirements subject to change

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