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Purchasing Agent

Job Position/Title: Purchasing Agent


Reports to: Operations Manager

Status: Non-Exempt


Position Overview

Performs scheduled and on-demand procurement services in support of all fabrication, manufacturing, facility and maintenance departments. Maintains strict documentation control within ERP system and hard copy purchase orders of all procured materials, services and issued contractual agreements, RFQ’s, written correspondence including emails, memo’s and support documents.


General outline of position tasks:

Position responsibilities include daily purchasing requisition review, issuance of new purchase orders or material release, open order follow-up, validating on-hand inventory as required, perform new vendor/services survey for the purpose of expanding vendor/service base, timely processing of all related procurement, effective management of all procured items for accurate document control of purchase order status and accounting documentation when required. 


Daily assignment duties:

  • Review all email, faxed and individually submitted inquiries, voicemail messages and general communications

  • Provide timely communication replies via email, fax or by direct communication (phone or in-person) on all daily and scheduled inquiries and projects or tasks

  • Review assigned material requisitions & releases, generate purchase orders, generate supportive RFQ’s or issue material release requests

  • Present Operations Manager at the end of each day all Purchase Orders issued same day for review

  • Attend all scheduled meetings as scheduled or as required

  • Maintain & provide Project & Task List via email to Operations Manager

  • Maintain and organize all hard copy records, document filing system, pending RFQ’s in neat, organized manner for ease of access by management

  • Maintain office /work center in clean & organized manner


Procurement Responsibilities

  • PA to create purchase orders and include support documentation, pictures, specification sheets, current drawings including product samples (if required) for the purpose of vendor fabrication and quality control as well as historical documentation

  • PA has direct responsibility to coordinate all components procured which include expediting/open order status, vendor communication & support documentation, maintenance and accuracy of all open purchase orders, delivery information & changes that will affect on time product availability

  • PA will seek best in service, support and pricing for all related materials and service purchases, which includes a minimum of three RFQ’s for new or selected material & fabricated components

  • RFQ’s will be presented on a cost and services comparison sheet when using multiple vendors

  • PA will challenge all price increases, requesting reason for increase (documentation may be required) and submit to Operations Manager or Executive Management for approval unless otherwise instructed

  • PA will follow First Article approval process for all newly sourced or redeveloped components, assemblies and products, this includes accurate documentation and coordination with designated QC personnel or management as assigned

  • PA will coordinate inbound transportation services with shipping coordinator, including providing support documentation for receiving and inspection purposes

  • PA will maintain Proforma status (payments, deposits) on all assigned orders, copies for reference attached to each PO, coordinate accounting requirements with Accounting AP personnel

  • PA will work closely with accounting to maintain accurate records on payment status, credits and debits for all purchased materials

  • PA will review MRR (material rejection report) log weekly, address all product returns, rework charge-backs

  • PA will provide supportive role for Stockroom & Inventory Control personnel

  • PA will take active role with stockroom, inspection personnel & receiving personnel when requested

  • PA will take part in weekly materials meetings and provide requested status of materials and components on demand


Communication Skill Requirements

  • Individual to develop a positive, collaborative and supportive working atmosphere with peers, suppliers and company personnel

  • PA will be required to maintain accurate communication records, which will include faxes, email history, support documentation, drawings as well as samples, photo documentation

  • PA must be able to effectively communicate requirements, status, issues and recommendations with suppliers, internal support personnel and management both orally and in written form

  • PA must be able generate RFQ packages which clearly outline material and company requirements, reply back on RFQ status to all submitting suppliers

  • PA will maintain strict confidentiality regarding all business strategies, costs, program and product development as well as financial and personnel information

  • PA will maintain a professional and positive working demeanor with all clients, support suppliers and internal personnel


Supplier Source Development

  • PA will have the ability to seek and source new service suppliers for specific products, services

and supply

  • PA will use the purchasing survey, terms and conditions program outline and company supported literature as well as material and product sampling and other company approved materials for source development

  • PA will coordinate and share all related new source information with Operations Manager prior to establishing a business relationship or engaging in to any contractual or agreement obligations

  • PA to follow SOP for creating new supplier in QuickBooks

  • PA must be able to perform on-site vendor source survey or seek suitable internal support personnel to assist in this activity

  • PA will report all offered incentives and/or gifts presented by outside service suppliers or vendors directly to the Operations Manager, applies to all new as well as existing suppliers


Additional duties - when required or assigned

  • Assisting Accounting on monthly product and component costing

  • Assisting Accounting on vendor credit & debit accountability

  • Assisting Shipping on transportation service(s) development and international brokerage requirements (as required)

  • Assisting Engineering on component, assembly and material specifications

  • Maintaining accurate and current vendor contact information in QuickBooks

  • Maintaining accurate costs, OEM specifications and support information in QuickBooks

  • Assisting Accounting & Engineering in QuickBooks data management entry

  • Local vendor source travel may be required


Project Assignment

Train Junior Buyer to manage Operation Supply ordering and maintenance & maintenance of MSDS/Component Certification and to coordinate tool calibration schedule & documentation



  • Required purchasing experience  minimum of  five years, preferably in a job shop environment

  • Educational requirements two year degree or minimum college class participation equivalent of two years 

  • Have solid math skills, including percentages

  • Experience performing daily data entry, 10 key

  • Possess excellent communication skills, written & orally

  • Must possess intermediate Microsoft Office ability, including Excel, Word

  • Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Must possess valid California driver's license, no violations within last 3 years

  • Safety conscious at all times, conforms  to the Belco safety requirements and regulations


Physical Requirements:

  • Position will require  individual to sit at desk for prolonged periods and perform daily data entry and communication support duties

  • Position will require individual to stand for prolonged periods of time when conducting inventory materials review in stockroom, work in process on manufacturing floor and raw materials/operation supply storage areas

  • Position will require individual be able to navigate (walk) facility upstairs and downstairs with minimal physical effort





Job description duties and requirements subject to change

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