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Bolted Frame


Welded Frame

Does it Matter?

Since day 1 (over 60 years ago), Belco Packaging Systems has always believed that a completely welded frame would be the key to building the highest quality packaging machines.  Most of the other brands that attempt to stack up against Belco build their machines on a bolted frame system.  So what's better?  Is there a difference?

Well, yes.

So what are the benefits of a welded frame?

- Strength of Frame

- Rigidity, even after 60 years!

- Peace of mind know that your frame won't get messed up from transportation or simple use.

- Life of the machine.

- Confidence that your package seal will be as consistent after 10, 20, 30+ years, as the day you bought it.  

And the benefits of a bolted frame?

- Cheaper

Bolted frames can never be as rigid as a welded frame.  Over time, those connections WILL loosen up, and your machine will no longer be able to provide quality seals.  But here's the thing. . . it doesn't take years of use or millions of packages to get that way.  It can happen in just the first week, if you're not careful.

We once got a few of our competitors upset at a trade show.  When speaking with someone about the construction of our frame, we challenged him to put his hands on the machine, try to shake it (to feel the rigidity), and to feel the quality of construction.  We encouraged it.  Our products are rock solid, and will always remain that way.  Later that day this same person was visiting a competitors booth and started shaking their machine to tell how solid the machine was.  A rep for this company nearly had a heart attack and asked him to stop immediately.  Their machines had a bolted frame.  The rep stated that you should NEVER mishandle the machine or it could become damaged. 

If a little shaking can damage your machine, is it really worth putting on your floor?

This gentleman realized that every machine he was looking at was on a bolted frame, except the Belco. He's been a Belco customer ever since.

Quality matters.  Why trust your money in a product that can get messed up just by moving it incorrectly?

Do you want a machine that you will need to work on constantly and replace every couple years?  Or do you want peace of mind knowing that your machine will last as long (if not longer) than you.  

From our revolutionary Merlin F/F/S and our BM2030 PC Medical Tray Sealer to our compact ST1808 Shrink Tunnel and PM PC Medical Pouch Sealer, each and every frame constructed by Belco is completely welded.  

Quality begins at the core of any machine.  And if the quality is this good on something you may not even see. . . just think about the quality of the things you do see!

So, does it matter?

All Belco machines have 100% welded frames. 

No Ifs, Ands, or Bolts.

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