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Message from the President

Growing up in Southern California with my sister and two brothers, we learned from an early age that this small manufacturing family business extended way past ourselves to include employees, vendors and ultimately our customers. Our parents, Albert and Helen Misik instilled in us that the Belco name was more than a corporate logo, it became our personal signature on every machine system we built.


Our Belco brand has grown quite a bit in the last 60 years. It is something we take immense pride and joy in as we deliver the performance, value and quality machine systems our customers have come to expect.


That is why we treat every new customer as an important and valuable addition to our family.


When an inquiry from a customer comes in, we strive to answer the challenge with the proper solution, a standard build or custom machine and not with what is in stock or on the showroom floor.


Challenge us to solve your packaging problems. Our team has the experience, know how and talent to build exactly what you need and present it to you just as if you were part of our own family.

Thank you for spending a little time with us!

A. Michael Misik


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