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Electro-Mechanical Assembler

Position: Electro-Mechanical Assembler

Department: Assembly

Reports to: Cell Leads - Operations Manager

Pay Rate: Hourly



Position Overview

Performs various assembly tasks, which includes mechanical, electro, electro-mechanical, electronic sub-assembly as well as specified quality assurance evaluation, pre-production testing, in process product testing and product performance failure evaluation. Assembler will use a range of hand and power tools to perform necessary assembly requirements.


General outline of position tasks:

Will be required to perform product assembly builds and operational support;

  • From drawings & electrical schematics, specification sheets, comparative builds and from verbal instructions

  • Assembler will perform second operation machining & preparation to support product build

  • Assembler will support other work-centers when assigned

  • Assembler will be assigned facility maintenance tasks

  • Assembler will be required to perform field service support when assigned


Daily performance requirements:

  • Prior to starting any assigned assembly or fabrication task:

  • Fabrication or cell lead will review what is required of the assignment prior to any work being performed

  • Assembler is to have proper safety gear for that particular task assignment

  • Assembler identifies required drawings, schematics, assembly sheets or instruction sheets, tools, including jigs & fixtures prior to performing task

  • Assembler is shown how to measure, gage or test the component as per quality requirements

  • Perform assigned assembly tasks as instructions, if unclear on what is being asked, review again with the assignor

  • Follow assembly instructions (verbal or written), when identifying assembly problems inform direct supervisor or cell leader BEFORE proceeding with the assignment

  • Assembler is responsible to identify potential safety hazards or issues before, during and after completion of assignment, all issues are to be reported to direct supervisor or cell lead

  • Assembler to document work performed as instructed

  • After completing assigned assembly task, inform direct supervisor or cell leader

  • Assembler to move or transfer completed assembly or components as directed

  • Assembler will be accountable for all materials issued for assembly assignment, individual must account for any damaged or lost parts, components, tools or documentation

  • Assembler to clean-up work area after completion of each assignment, return tools or jigs/fixtures to proper storage space

Communication responsibilities:

  • Assembler will be required to document build corrections for drawings & schematics using the Red-Line process

  • Assembler will be required to identify changes or corrections when verifying Kit Issues

  • Assembler will be required to identify changes or corrections during product test process

  • Assembler will be required to report any safety issues within assembly, fabrication and facility areas, including facility parking lot and building perimeter areas

  • Assembler will take part in weekly materials meetings as assigned and provide requested status of materials, components and build progress on demand


Communication Skill Requirements

  • Assembler must be able to effectively and clearly communicate requirements, status, issues and recommendations with internal support personnel and management both verbally and in written form

  • Assembler will maintain a professional, positive and supportive working demeanor when performing inside the facility and when assigned in field service support 

  • Assemblers that are bi-lingual must be able to read and write clearly in English


Additional duties - when required or assigned

  • Assisting in stockroom in pulling and stocking materials

  • Assisting in shipping preparing and crating products

  • Assisting in warehouse in maintenance and organization projects


Required Work Attire & Restrictions

  • Individual to be dressed properly for daily work performance duties, includes steel toed shoes, long work pants or jeans (not torn or with holes), comfortable shirt.

  • All clothing (including caps) cannot display any sexual images or phrases, profanity or otherwise lewd or discriminatory images, this is absolutely prohibited

  • Individual will wear safety glasses or (if  required) prescription glasses when performing or participating in any Fabrication or Assembly work area

  • Individual will use various types of gloves depending on task assignment

  • If wearing a cap it cannot interfere with work area equipment or with the work to be performed as it may promote potential safety hazard

  • Wearing personal jewelry is allowed, exception is dangling earrings, bracelets, chains worn outside of a shirt, pins worn on shirt, pants or caps

  • All long hair that grown past the collar will pulled back and secured


Personnel Tools – Responsibility

  • Assembly personnel are encouraged to have their own tools for general work related duties

  • Tools that are brought onto and in the facility and that are to be left in the building the individual is 100% responsible for safekeeping of their personnel tools and equipment

  • All tools are to be stored in a locked tool chest or case, the individual must lock up their tools when leaving the facility each day

  • All personnel who have personnel tooling will be required to sign a company wavier

  • Personnel who store tooling on site will coordinate with their direct supervisor or cell lead for further storage and location directions


90 Day Expectations

Assembly personnel will be instructed and assigned to all product lines and all builds, including supporting refurbishments and repairs. First ninety days is designed to expose the individual to the widest range of assembly & fabrication requirements (depending on scheduled production) to identify skills, experience and to demonstrate core competencies.


1st 30 day expectations  

  • Be able to identify the different product lines Industrial, Medical, Seal Fixtures and Material Handling (turntables & conveyors)

  • Be able to perform basic tasks as assigned, with minimal supervision

  • Be able to perform a repetitive task with minimal re-instruction

  • Be able to identify acceptable quality level for each product or task assigned – be able to express this with confidence to cell leader on demand 


2nd 30 day expectations

  • Be able to build a single seal fixture with minimal supervision, including gasket cutting

  • Be able to assemble all roller types

  • Be able to build a heat tunnel shell

  • Be able to start to identify using drawings, kit sheets product build sequences


3rd 30 day expectations  

  • Be able to build heater assembly for BM’s with minimal supervision

  • Be able to build basic control box for Industrial & Medical builds – wiring not included

  • Be able to build and test all BLS & conveyors (if available)

  • Learn the test process for heat tunnels and sealers (hot knife & wire)

  • Learn the test process for seal fixtures



  • Required electro-mechanical assembly experience  minimum of  2-3 years, preferably in continuous manufacturing or job shop environment

  • Educational requirements high school diploma, technical trade school certificate is a plus

  • Must have solid math skills

  • Ability to communicate effectively in English using writing and verbal skills

  • Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Must possess valid California driver's license, no violations within last 3 years

  • Safety conscious at all times, conforms  to the Belco safety requirements and regulations


Physical Requirements:

  • Position will require individual to stand for prolonged periods of time when performing product fabrication or assembly tasks or while assisting in stockroom, warehouse and work in process on manufacturing floor and raw materials/operation supply storage areas

  • Must be able to lift with minimal effort 50 lbs

  • Position will require individual be able to navigate (walk) facility upstairs and downstairs with minimal physical effort


Company Requirements:

  • Background & reference checks will be conducted

  • Pass mandatory drug test prior to employment


Pay Level – Performance Reviews:

  • Position is hourly, forty hours per week

  • Position is reviewed on annual basis, performance review to evaluate employee’s performance level as to scheduled and assigned duties and responsibilities



Job description duties and requirements subject to change

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